MotoGP Court of Appeal Ruling Expected Monday Or Tuesday

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The FIM MotoGP Court of Appeal sat today in Mies, near Geneve, Switzerland, to hear the appeal by four other factories against the ruling of Technical Director Danny Aldridge that Ducati’s swing arm-mounted spoiler was legal.

The court convened at 11am, and rose shortly before 6pm, but without issuing a decision. That will have to wait until early next week, with Monday or Tuesday the likely dates for an announcement.

The five manufacturers involved were all represented by the highest levels of management, according to For Ducati, Ducati Corse director Gigi Dall’Igna was present, along with Technical Coordinator Fabiano Sterlacchini.

Appealing the decision of the FIM Stewards were Massimo Rivola for Aprillia, Alberto Puig for Honda, Mike Leitner for KTM, and Davide Brivio for Suzuki.

Though no information has been released through official channels, the Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport managed to get a reaction from Ducati Corse boss Gigi Dall’Igna, which was then republished by the German language website Speedweek.

Dall’Igna was reportedly furious that he had been forced to reveal information which he would have rather kept quiet about.

“In presenting our defense, we had to reveal some of our secrets about an area which our competitors had neglected,” Dall’Igna told Gazzetta dello Sport. “If it was up to me, I would never have revealed what this element was for.”

The Ducati Corse boss also revealed that he was angry at Danilo Petrucci, for talking about the parts at the Qatar test. “I was furious with Petrucci, who had spoken about cooling the tires during the test.”

The length of the court session is likely a sign of the depth of the hearing. Data was presented, and expert testimony heard. The judges will now take a couple of days to digest the information, and present their conclusions.

Those conclusions will come early next week.

Source: Speedweek & GPOne

David Emmett

One of MotoGP's most respected journalists, David Emmett is the proprietor of the esteemed MotoMatters. We are very grateful to republish David's work here on A&R...though dread the day we ever again get in a car with him.