MotoCzysz/Bajaj Create Joint-Venture for Next Generation Automobile

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What will transportation look like in the future? MotoCzysz and Indian based Bajaj seem to have their theories, and the two companies have announced a joint-venture that will explore the next generation of automobile. Releasing a vague press release, we suspect the two companies are in the process of creating prototype hybrid vehicle that will explore a form factor and design not previously seen in the automobile industry. More from the announcement after the jump.

The MotoCzysz/Bajaj press release states that the joint-venture will be a “clean-sheet design, prioritizing safety, efficiency, performance and style,” and that it will “combine leading green technologies with innovative packaging and style solutions to create an affordable alternative to the traditional automobile.” This quote mimics the level of vaguity that Czysz would go into about the project when he sat down with A&R Editor Jensen Beeler for his “Tradition Is Not A Business Model Series“, but it does seem that this first project is a stepping stone into future vehicles produced/funded with the Bajaj Auto.

Working with Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director and son of company Chairman, Rahul Bajaj, Czysz has been given a great deal of latitude in his exploration of fresh perspective on what they two companies call “breakthrough” vehicles. Fabrication of the first prototype will start this month in Portland, OR.

We’ll have to wait until we get a glimpse at this vehicle before we probably fully understand what the project entails, let alone see if it was worth all the hyperbole. But considering the strong design elements we’ve seen from MotoCzysz, and Bajaj’s aggressive movements into the motorcycle industry through strategic partners, this might be a partnership worth keeping an eye on.

Source: MotoCzysz