More change is afoot at Triumph Motorcycles North America, as it has come to light that Greg Heichelbech is no longer the CEO of Triumph’s North American operation. Recently named by Powersports Business as the motorcycle industry’s “Executive of the Year” for 2014, Heichelbech’s departure comes after being with Triumph for the past three years.

While the news comes as a surprise to many, it has been met with a positive tone with some of Triumph’s dealers. Heichelbech has been criticized heavily for channel stuffing, and there is some conjecture that Triumph’s yearly sales increases (12 consecutive quarters of growth) happened only on the company’s ledger, and not at the dealer showroom floors.

Speaking to Dealer News, Triumph North America confirmed that Heichelbech would not be immediately replaced, nor filling its CEO position. Instead, Triumph North American’s COO Matt Sheahan and CFO Don Carleo will absorb Heichelbech’s past executive duties into their own.

Source: Dealer News

  • Josh

    As a triumph dealer I called this last year when I saw what tna was shoving down our throats. Good riddance to that slime of a business man. Hopefully triumph can bounce back from the damage he has already inflicted on whole nation of triumph dealers…

  • Andrey

    Oh no, not again!!!
    Another corporate, pursuing the bottom line at the expense of the customer,
    So tired of this s**t.
    It is news, but like so much other news these days, just another example of profit before product.
    Good luck to Triumph, they have worked very hard and need good people behind them. I hope they get this nonsense sorted out.

  • scott

    This is GREAT news and I’m not even in the industry directly – simply a consumer. I really like Triumph bikes, Have owned a Daytona 650 and a T_Bird Sport, my son’s first street bike was a T595. Great bikes! Last year saw Triumph disappear from upstate NY and really from anywhere that is practical to go to buy or service a Triumph…they all decided to dump Triumph… and it was the exact story detailed here, dealer could not move the bikes they were forced to have and this guy wanted then to take more of them and broke agreements on leftovers.
    I really hope Triumph makes a return to the NE/Upstate NY area as I would buy another one if I had a dealer anywhere closer than 3-4 hours away at best.

  • Dbox

    Static eliminated.

  • Anvil

    He’s a former H-D vet. Was involved with Buell, too. It’s clear where he learned the ropes.

    Channel stuffing is bad, and somewhat pointless for a privately held company like Triumph. I hope they put a stop to it.

  • crshnbrn

    So being ‘named by Powersports Business as the motorcycle industry’s “Executive of the Year” for 2014’ means what exactly?

  • After that? Not much. I suspect some other publications had to pull stories on Heichelbech after this news.

  • Thruxton

    As a Triumph dealer I am extremely sad to see Greg go. The guy gave the tools to dealers who wanted to succeed, and the brand will never be the same without him.

  • meatspin

    i’m still trying to figure out what channel stuffing is.

    It sounds naughty.

  • irksome

    My nearest dealer (40mi) closed. The next nearest (55mi) never has customers in the showroom or at the parts counter but a lot of cars drive around back; I’m pretty sure it’s a front for a meth lab. So I go to Boston or order parts for my ’98 Sp3 on-line. If/when I buy new I’ll travel but what the hell.

    I’ll only go channel-stuffing if Jenson brings the hookers.