Gas Gas Rescued by Spanish Firm Torrot

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In case you missed the initial reports, those in the off-road world will be especially happy to hear that Spanish motorcycle maker Gas Gas has been saved from the deadpool. Infusing €13 million into the failing motorcycle brand, Torrot is our unlikely hero, the Spanish firm a producer of electric bicycles and urban mobile two-wheelers.

The cash infusion will come into Gas Gas over the next three years, with a focus on updating the company’s product lineup. This will include bringing Gas Gas back to the trials market in a big way, as well as developing new enduro models. Even electric models in the works.

Gas Gas production is expected to continue in Salt, Spain – part of the Catalunya region of the country – with a goal of 2,000 Gas Gas bikes to be produced there in 2016.

Reportedly, 55 employees at Gas Gas will see their jobs saved, with Torrot hoping to expand that number to 80 by 2018. Seemingly only the R&D portion of Gas Gas will operate out of Torrot’s HQ, though some Torrot production will occur at the Gas Gas factory.

Torrot’s roadmap sees the revamped trials line being the priority, with Gas Gas aiming to produce 4,000 units in this segment, thus becoming the volume leader in trials.

Torrot also has eyes on fixing Gas Gas’s failed enduro offering, and the company seemingly has an eye for starting the project over with new development and production.

It is not clear when an electric offering would arrive from Gas Gas, though it would obviously leverage the technology that Torrot is working with in the market.

Source: Enduro21 & Dirt Rider