Energica Ego Gets NHTSA & EPA Certification

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Italian electric motorcycle company Energica is reporting that its Ego sport bike is now ready to be legally sold in the United States, since it has now passed NHTSA accreditation and EPA certification.

This means that the US market now has a new player in the two-wheeled EV world — one that we can confidently say has some well-executed technologies and a powerful on-road presence (read our full review here).

Energica says that the first batch of Ego motorcycles is almost fully booked, and that the company plans to deliver the machines to customers in Q3 2015.

Not exactly a cheap proposition, the Energica Ego costs $34,000 in the US market, but the Ego eclipses the performance found with the more affordably priced Zero Motorcycles line.

Unfortunately, there is no word at this time on when Energica’s second model, the streetfighter based Eva, will be ready for the US market.

Source: Energica

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