The Ducati Superquadro Motor in 3D

01/04/2012 @ 11:30 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

We seem to be on a kick lately with 3D renders of the underpinning parts of the Ducati 1199 Panigale. While we’ve already seen the Panigale’s “frameless” chassis detailed in computer renders, today we have a video Ducati’s Superquadro motor. Starting from an exploded point-of-view, the 195hp / 98 lbs•ft of torque v-twin motor re-assembles itself, showing how the most powerful engine from Ducati comes together for its final form.

With a hybrid chain/gear-driven camshaft, titanium valves, a wet slipper clutch, ride-by-wire throttle actuation, rider-selectable “riding mode” system, and 15,000 mile major service intervals, the Superquadro is a major step for Ducati with its Superbike motor design. Add in the first full-LED headlight on a produciton motorcycle, the first electronically-adjustable suspension on a sport bike, the first motorcycle engine braking control system, as well as the first GPS-assisted data acquisition system for a production motorcycle, and ABS brakes as a standard equipment, and you’ve got one potent two-wheeled machine.

Source: Ducati Singapore (YouTube) via Pro-Italia (Facebook)

  • John Magnum

    Im so tempted to wack a deposit on one. Though back of my mind (seperate to the part of my mind that operates impulse buying and my penis) says i should wait out the couple of years for bug ID and iron out and go the proven and updated S100rr this year, strong in the ways of the force is the……….

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  • I agree with John Magnum (above). I’d jump in the updated S1000RR this year as a wait for a 1199 just makes too much sense. Let the early adopters finish the QC for the rest of us! (But can I get the 1199 out of my mind in the meantime?)

  • Other Sean

    Very cool. Still don’t get that weird little forward facing nut on the bottom of the sump…it seems to be begging for damage from road debris.

    Don’t care for the styling of the bike, but the tech is sweet. Still, it’ll be more savory when I smoke some fool on one of these in the canyon with a little 848!

  • Other Sean,

    The forward facing nut on the bottom of the sump is great. On my previous 1098 I shaved the downward facing nut off on speed bumps and dips where the bike has bottomed out. So having the nut face forward is an improvement. Unless of course the sump now hangs lower and one may end up scrapping the sump on speed bumps / dips.

  • MikeD

    Lame. That was nothing more than putting on covers on an already put togheter engine…can’t wait to hear the “reviews” on this engine/bike Combo.