Ducati Café Fighter Concept by Gannet Design

07/09/2014 @ 3:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Last year we brought you the interesting Fluid Ducati Superleggera Concept by Gannet Design, and unsurprisingly our die hard Ducatisti readers had a thing or two to say about the render. Well, Gannet Design is back with another sketch that is sure to pique the ire of some.

Using the Ducati 1199 Panigale once again as a starting point, Gannet incorporates some roadster and café racer elements into the high-revving sport bike. The effect is interesting, and serves as a stark contrast to the lines of the original Panigale, and Gannet’s “Fluid” design.

The man behind the work, Ulfert Janssen, describes his work as “a mix of classic cafe racer proportion and a modern mono place street fighter…hence Cafe Fighter.”

“The tank is kept from the original Panigale, and is given a raw brushed finish. The tank is partly covered by a hugging design element, which gives the bike a very different line. The volume at the bottom brings the bike good stance and stability with a lot of attitude,” he added.

The additional design elements are made from carbon fiber in the woven texture and painted, therefore is this striped down version of the bike extremely light.”

Source: Gannet Design

  • ian john

    you make, i buy.

  • Looter

    Now THAT should have be the next Duc Streetfighter.

  • Looter

    Should be

  • paulus

    Not for me… seems to be a sports-Diavel

  • I’d park it next to my S/F dry clutch 1098 – the old & the new ..

  • H.L.

    Elegant beast.

    All black please with carbon fiber accents. Thanks.

  • Xan

    I wonder when the word café is going to induce violent vomiting from me… I feel like that day is soon. Waiting for the all new 2015 café dirt bikes and mopeds!

  • JB

    Put that belly pan on a diet and I’m interested. The red cylinders are sweet and I like the seat/tank, but the top and bottom proportions look off to me.

  • Gutterslob

    The only way to make a naked liquid-cooled Ducati look good – cover up most of the naked bits.

  • irksome

    A pregnant warthog?

  • Phil

    “Sir I have some bad news for you…. your bike has syphilis…look!

  • AD

    Sort of looks like a Monster has shagged a Diavel.

  • Dave Laneve

    Is cool for what it is, but the futuristic styling is not to my taste, would have made it into something retro if it was mine, but to each their own… That said, I would not kick it out of my garage though…