The snow from Portland’s Snowpocalypse is melting right now, and the rebuilding has begun. Jokes aside, we could have had some serious fun last week with Christini’s latest AWD motorcycle, the Christini II-Track.

Taking the snow bike concept to the next logical Christini progression, the Christini II-Track features not one, but two, power-giving snow tracks, and the machine is now available for purchase from this plucky boutique American brand.

In the rear, you can hook up whatever happens to be your preferred snow bike track system: Arctic-Cat, Timbersled, or Yeti Snow MX; while in the front Christini’s own patent-pending split-ski and track design does its 2WD thing.

This kind of superior snowmobility isn’t cheap though, as Christini’s front track system will put you back ~$2,000 and you’ll need to mate a Christini 2WD motorcycle (starting at $8,495) and suitable rear track ($5,000+).

All said, you are looking at around $15,000 for the AWD snow bike setup.

We should point out though, that you can disable the snow bike configuration once the snow melts, and go back to an AWD motorcycle setup for the riding season…so, there is some value there.

Source: Christini via ADV Pulse

  • Fivespeed 302

    $15000 is a lot but I’d bet that snowmobiles are priced about the same (I live in Florida so what so I know?). Plus you have a 2 wheel drive bike in the summer. It may not be a bad deal. Anyone ever ridden a two wheel drive bike? If so, is it any good?

  • Matt Woolley

    Didn’t someone report this as an April Fools joke?

  • Keith

    That thing is no joke–it’s an adrenalin factory. More fun than my old 1972 Lynx.

  • Bob K

    I own a Christini 450E. Very cool bike. I had a CRF450X prior to it. The Honda’s brakes were better, as was their carb. But that’s it. The Christini has better wheels, trees and forks plus a bigger tank. I can go a lot more places easier on the Christini. Surprised they haven’t caught on.

  • Why someone would release a serious press release with a photoshopped image around April Fools time is beyond me…

  • BlueSwede

    Makes no sense. Snow bike’s are fantastic. You need a well designed ski, and you need good power. You don’t need added traction, and especially not added drag in front.

  • Fivespeed 302

    Same here, for what you get, it ain’t a bad deal.

  • Jon B.

    Will Q ever be the same again?

  • PeteN95

    I owned a Christini 450 and in bad conditions, like snow, mud, and sand, it was like magic! But most of the time it was just heavy with limited steering lock.

  • Matt Woolley

    Hey, I’m just bustin’ balls here. I fell for it too.

  • tony

    what isn’t more fun than your 72 lynx ?! (jk…)

    anyway, is this thing still a motorcycle? what’s next on a&r? i remember the “car” from 7 years in tibet that they hooked up to run the movie projector. seemed that only had 2 wheels. should it qualify?

  • Bob K

    Added drag? You’re apparently just guessing about what you have never experiences and have no clue what a powered front end actually does. The only thing that adds drag is a ski because it’s being pushed across a surface. Like in silt and deep mud, this thing will stay on top and pull you through the turn instead of being a plow.

  • racerX

    Cool setup. All it needs now is a set of balls.