Christini II-Track AWD Snow Bike Is Ready to Hit the Slopes

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The snow from Portland’s Snowpocalypse is melting right now, and the rebuilding has begun. Jokes aside, we could have had some serious fun last week with Christini’s latest AWD motorcycle, the Christini II-Track.

Taking the snow bike concept to the next logical Christini progression, the Christini II-Track features not one, but two, power-giving snow tracks, and the machine is now available for purchase from this plucky boutique American brand.

In the rear, you can hook up whatever happens to be your preferred snow bike track system: Arctic-Cat, Timbersled, or Yeti Snow MX; while in the front Christini’s own patent-pending split-ski and track design does its 2WD thing.

This kind of superior snowmobility isn’t cheap though, as Christini’s front track system will put you back ~$2,000 and you’ll need to mate a Christini 2WD motorcycle (starting at $8,495) and suitable rear track ($5,000+).

All said, you are looking at around $15,000 for the AWD snow bike setup.

We should point out though, that you can disable the snow bike configuration once the snow melts, and go back to an AWD motorcycle setup for the riding season…so, there is some value there.

Source: Christini via ADV Pulse