AMD World Championship Moves to the INTERMOT Expo

01/28/2014 @ 1:44 pm, by Bryan Delohery4 COMMENTS


Celebrating its ten year anniversary, American Motorcycle Dealer organizers were invited to host the 2014 World Championship of Custom Bike Building at this year’s world renowned INTERMOT expo.

As part of a multiyear, alternating agreement, the world championship will be held at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany this year, followed by the Big Bike Europe show in Essen, Germany the following year.

Part of the motivation for the agreement is to expose larger crowds to the world championship because, despite last year’s success in terms of design and organization, the turnout left much to be desired.

As one the largest international motorcycle trade shows in the world, INTERMOT attracts nearly a quarter of a million people each year, which AMD hopes to take advantage of in this new agreement.

“INTERMOT provides excellent numbers of visitors and the possibility of addressing the industry directly,”said Editor in Chief of AMD Robin Bradley. “This is helping us to promote the custom bike scene and the industry.”

Bradley stated that the mission of AMD has always been to join the custom bike market with the most relevant and motivated customers.

“INTERMOT has the attendance; it has the facility; it has the large-displacement focus and, above all, it has the international status that is absolutely in the cross-hairs of what we have always been trying to achieve” said Bradley.

The agreement seems to be a win-win for everyone as INTERMOT Project Manager Ingo Riedeberger pointed out “we are delighted to have made a multi-year agreement to host the AMD World Championship,” said Riedeberger.

“With AMD’s help, through its custom show affiliation program, we have made progress in developing the custom content of Intermot in line with our ambition to make sure that Europe’s leading international motorcycle industry and enthusiast expo can speak effectively to all sectors of the international powered two-wheel industry.”

This year’s expo will be held from Oct. 1-5 at the Cologne International Expo Center and registration info can be found here.

Source: INTERMOT; Photo: AMD

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