Alta Motors Makes First Redshift Customer Delivery

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It has been a long time coming for Alta Motors (the electric motorcycle company formerly known as BRD) to bring its electric motorcycles to market, but that day has finally arrived.

Alta Motors has delivered its first motorcycle to a customer yesterday, with Eric Gauthier and Jeannine Smith of Suspension Performance taking delivery of their new Redshift MX.

“We’ve been quietly driving towards this moment for over 8 years in pursuit of creating the best motorcycles money can buy,” said Marc Fenigstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Alta Motors.

“The result is a machine with a whole suite of new technologies, and a very different motorcycle than anything that has come before.”

“The Redshift feels immediately comfortable to anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a state of the art performance motorcycle, but offers a leap forward in control, feel, and the connection between the rider’s brain and the tires on the ground.”

“To have successful, speed-minded customers like Eric and Jeannine take delivery of the first Redshift is a tremendous honor for Alta Motors,” finished Fenigstein.

The $15,000 electric dirt bike features 250cc class performance figures, though with the obvious benefits that come from an electric drivetrain, such as instantaneous torque.

What separates Alta Motors from many in the field is the fact that components were developed in house, including the motor. The chassis is clean-sheet design, while the components are top-shelf items from trusted moto-industry brands.

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Alta Motors started as BRD Motorcycles back in 2007, with Fenigstein co-founding the company with Derek Dorresteyn and Jeff Sand.

With serious founding now secured, Alta Motors recently moved into a new facility in Northern California, where it has begun production on the Redshift MX off-roader and Redshift SM road-legal supermoto motorcycle models.

Asphalt & Rubber was lucky enough to be the first publication to test the Redshift SM prototype, which was a promising machine, even back in 2009 when we rode it. We have been a fan of the project ever since.

As such, we are excited to see the improvements that Alta Motors has made to the machine in the time since that first ride. Look for some thoughts on the production machine in the coming months.





Source: Alta Motors