450hp Turbo GSX-R1000

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Big CC Racing, a British tuning company has unleashed the fury on a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with a kit of their own design that boosts the bike’s power to anywhere between 250hp to 450hp. The result? Wheelies in any gear. With no apparent adjustments to the bike’s geometry, we don’t know why they even bothered keeping the front-wheel on the bike at this point, because all the rider is going to be seeing is the sky with that wheeling lofting in front of him.

At low boost levels this bike, according to Big CC Racing, is very ridable with a nice predictable power delivery but engage the 2 stage boost, and that’s when things start getting “interesting”.   Using a KMS secondary fuelling computer to control the mapping of various boost levels on enlarged secondary injectors. The kit comes with dump pipes but has optional full exhaust. 

Hold on to your wallets though, the full 2-stage kit is going to cost you around £5,175.00, or nearly $8,000. Ouch.


Jensen Beeler

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