2010 BMW S1000RR to Come in Red, White, and Blue Paint Scheme as an Added Option

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When BMW set out to build the S1000RR, they wanted to challenge the Japanese manufacturers on their home turf and break out of their established mold, with an inline-four 1000cc superbike contender. The result was a 193hp superbike with traction control and ABS brakes, all in an affordable package (allegedly).

Also a part of this “outside of the box” thinking, was some things we could probably do without. The first of which is that asymmetrical head light. Second, and more to the point, the choice in available colors. After teasing us with pictures of a handsome S1000RR in a red/white/blue paint scheme, BMW debuted the bike in lime green livery, and then showed pictures of the bike in brown and black options. That left us a bit miffed. But luckily we have gotten word that the red/white/blue scheme will be available, but at an additional cost.

Officially called the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team colors, as seen on various Superbike Works Racing Machines, we can see many would be S1000RR owners preferring this option to the others. Not wanting to seem unsuffisticated, BMW calls these colors the following: Alpine White Non-Metallic, Magma Red Non-Metallic, and Lupin Blue Metallic, with the swingarm finished in eloxy silver and the wheels in high-gloss black. The frame comes in black on all colour variants, but you can elect to get a red spring on your rear shock as another added cost option.

No word on what the additional cost will be, if there will be a limited run, and if those bikes will sport additional features. As always though, we’ll let you know when we find out.