As expected, Jorge Lorenzo’s announcement for the upcoming seasons was made today at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ahead of the Indianapolis GP. The agreement sees the two-time MotoGP World Champion remaining with the Movistar Yamaha Factory team for the 2015 and 2016 season.

In the past months, the Spaniard had been jockeying back and forth with Yamaha Racing regarding his contract, with Lorenzo said to be keen on only a one-year deal.

However with a string of poor results so far this season, Lorenzo is fifth in the Championship, and certainly not in the bargaining position he had hoped for going into the summer break. Thus, the Mallorcan finds himself with a two-year deal.

“I am very happy to finally be able to make this announcement. It is a relief to be able to now completely focus on the remainder of the 2014 season in the knowledge that our relationship will continue for the next two seasons,” said Lorenzo.”It has always been my wish to continue my career with Yamaha; I strongly believe we can fight for a third title together.

“This season has been very challenging after a difficult start, however we will continue to take it race by race, giving 100% until Valencia,” continued Lorenzo. “I want to thank Yamaha for their continued belief in me and all the Yamaha fans around the world who continue to support me. After the summer break I’m excited to be back at Indy with my team and focused again on riding.”

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • Xan

    Hey Jorge, 2005 called. It wants it’s jeans and sweet folded belt end back.

  • phil

    Poor results, asks for 1yr ext and gets 2!
    How does that work?

  • Gutterslob

    I’m okay with the whole seasoned/stone-washed denim look, but those jeans just look plain filthy, like he hasn’t washed them since his 125cc days.

  • Xan


    You kidding? Those were probably purchased last week for $1,000

  • Kalle

    Great, now we have A&R user comments giving fashion advice too – watch out Vogue!

  • I’m not sure what it is but I just can’t love this guy no matter how many times he wins. No one is Rossi but Rossi! *sigh*

    @Xan Dude, that’s hawt style, no? :)

  • CrisCo

    There’s a dude in that picture? I was looking at the bike.

  • TheSeaward

    George has grown on me a lot this season. Maybe it took him faltering to really bring out his human side. All things considered he has handled all the problems with a lot of humility and grace.

  • smiler

    Xan talking about something he actually knows something about?

    I guess this was to be expected. Now the question is who will replace Rossi when he leaves, given the new recruits to Suzuki…..It should be Marquez but it won’t be.

  • Justaguy

    He is the same height as his pit board?
    Man I knew these cats were were little bitty fellows but that puts it in a perspective I’ve never seen. I wonder how many ‘human’ sized men with talent never even get a chance because the bikes are designed for hobbits. Or Elves. Or Gnomes. Or whatever group he falls into……I can never keep them straight.

    And the jeans; my news feeds were bombarded recently by some denim industry big shot begging everyone to stop washing their jeans for some fashion related reason. If a pair lasts me one year I’m happy. If I failed to wash them during that timeframe I would be picked up by the ambulance because they would think I was indigent.

  • Xan


    Lol you follow up a comment about me knowing nothing about motogp with a comment stating that Marquez should replace Rossi when he decides to retire?

    I guess he’s lucky you aren’t his manager…

  • Jason

    @ Phil

    Lorenzo is still one off the very best riders in MotoGP even though he has struggled this season. Yamaha wanted to lock him into a contract for another 2 years because they know he has the talent. Lorenzo only wanted a one year contract because he isn’t happy with the bike and wanted the option to jump ship if Yamaha doesn’t make the bike competitive with the Hondas next year. Yamaha won.

  • H.L.

    The man struggles for half a season and his 2 titles and other accomplishments are quickly forgotten by many.

    I can only respect a man who stands in front of a camera and tells the world that he was honestly afraid to ride on the limit, in the wet.

    JL is the only rider on the grid that could cut MM wins in half this season if he was on the second Factory Honda. Truth

  • DuckDuckBang

    full respect to Jorge, but i really don’t think any bikes other than the yamaha would suit his style. he’s not bred on the dirt track ala stoner & marquez. he’s pure corner speed and consistency. once someone is in front of you, or once your ability to hold corner speed is reduced, you’re gone. hence his problems this season the new bstones.

    holding out for an option to leave wouldn’t do him much good anyway… he would perform better than the rest on the honda sure, but not at marquez’s level.. pedrosa’s maybe, after a period of time. that said, i don’t think marquez would fair anywhere near as well on the m1 either, it’s the other end of the style spectrum.

  • crshnbrn

    I still can’t understand why Lorenzo would want only a one year contract with Yamaha. Both factory Honda seats are spoken for until 2017, and anything else would be less than what he has now. If anything it is Yamaha that should have been seeking a one year contract due to Lorenzo’s performance thus far in 2014, and Lorenzo should be very grateful Yamaha wanted to retain him for the next two years. He is riding one of four bikes capable of winning the championship, and he is fifth in points.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think highly of Lorenzo, and I want to see him win races and championships, and make Marquez earn the races and championships he wins, but Lorenzo has lost his mojo this year. I was mystified at his crash at Qatar after complaining about the Bridgestone tyres, then going out and pushing so hard on the first lap of a race ran at night under cool temperatures. Then the false start at Austin. I understand he is human, and therefore not perfect, but those two mistakes were season killers.

  • a tom

    You know… The article doesn’t really address whether or not Jorge got an rider’s option clause put into his contract ala Crutchlow. This would be non-public information, so isn’t it possible that he was given such a clause, or at least an acceptable buy-out option?

    Even if the contract doesn’t have such a clause / option, can’t say outright whether it’s a ‘win’ for Yamaha. Did Yamaha give him extra money to accept the 2y contract (per year, obv)?

    On the other hand,what’s the real value for being free for 2016’s season? Now the Hondas are locked up till 2017, so that’d leave Ducati, Suzuki, and maybe Aprilia as options? Having the 2y contract is a blessing in disguise…

  • L2C

    @ a tom

    Since you posted last night, you might have heard that it has been confirmed that both Lorenzo and Yamaha have escape clauses that can be exercised after the first year of their new contract. So Yamaha got the new two-year deal with Lorenzo that they wanted, and Lorenzo got the one-year option that he wanted. Both parties are more or less happy with the new arrangement, I would assume.

    But I think Lorenzo’s reasoning for wanting to have the option to bail after the first year is pretty clear. He knows that he cannot afford two/three bad seasons in a row, because if he does, his market value would sink too low for him to be able to compete for a more competitive factory ride than Yamaha. (Yamaha would readily, if not eagerly, replace him with Pol Espargaro.) Ducati is his obvious first choice, but if the Suzuki and Aprilia rides are competitive and are on the table at that time, it would give him more options.

    The other thing is that he’s paying attention to the future that Dorna are laying out. The hype over Jack Miller entering the MotoGP class continues unabated, so considering the relationship that Miller already has with Red Bull, Miller would be competing for a Red Bull-Repsol-Honda factory seat (or whatever it will be called then) over the next two years.

    Basically, Lorenzo has to be able to get a jump on things if he has to, as he may not have the luxury/ability of negotiating on his past two championship titles for too much longer. He has to be able to compete for a top ride as soon as possible. Of course, the best way forward is for him to regain his winning form, but if the Yamaha M1 doesn’t come together like he needs it to and he plateaus where he is now, he has to be able to bail at the earliest opportunity.

    A cool wind is blowing. Lorenzo knows this, too.

  • a tom

    Ah, no, hadn’t seen that. Was busy at work the whole day (on the other side of the globe), save that not-so-quick message posted from my phone…

    Interesting that both Yamaha and Lorenzo put in those option clauses. I know why for Lorenzo given he was pushing for it, though still can’t see him on anything other than a Yamaha or Honda right now to be competitive. Getting a seat on one of the Ducatis, or with the newcomers seem a paltry prize to be aiming for.

    Yamaha, on the other hand, wanting such a clause… interesting. Would they really drop Lorenzo for another rider, even one of the Espargaro brothers?

    Yes, I do realize that riders can’t hang on to their seats forever and young ‘uns need to get a chance, but even considering someone might go from being the champ to (-4pt) 2nd place to an after though in a span of 4 years is crazy… and significantly due to the current situation with only 4-5 competitive riders / machines.

    Anyway, will be interesting to see how this goes. Hopefully Lorenzo can focus on the task at hand, in particular, finding a way to be competitive again.