Video: Suzuki MotoGP 2013 Testing Goodness

12/02/2013 @ 7:26 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


For our American readers, it is time to get back in the swing of things from the long Thanksgiving weekend; and for our non-American readers, well…the last few days must have been pretty boring for you (especially for our Canadian readers, who are probably still baffled about why we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving over a month late).

Anyhoo, it is Monday here at Asphalt & Rubber HQ, and while we let the caffeine soak into our veins, we have some high-energy content to help you get going at the workplace job thing. First up is a little video from Suzuki, which has just concluded its 2013 MotoGP testing schedule.

It is mostly just motorcycle porn for racing fans, but to our knowledge the video is the first time that Suzuki has publicly acknowledged its inline-four cylinder engine design for its XRH-1 MotoGP test bike. Suzuki will be back testing in 2014, with Randy de Puniet now solely committed to test-riding the machine for the Japanese OEM.

High on the team’s list is getting its race program to work on only 20 liters of fuel, as well as switching from Suzuki’s current Mitsubishi-designed ECU to the spec-ECU supplied by Dorna and built by Magneti Marelli. Neither task is an easy one as Suzuki gears up for its 2015 return to Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

Source: Suzuki Racing

  • Phil

    Now all they need is a good pilot capable of staying with the current Aliens.
    Who would that be ?

  • SBPilot

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-hired Bautista after his contract ends at Gresini. It’s no secret that Redding is to take his factory bike in 2015 and fact is, Bautista isn’t all that slow. The results are there, and that’s all while being the lone Showa suspension rider and Nissin brake user which are seen as inferior to Ohlins and Brembo.

  • L2C

    Randy’s looking on good on that bike. Would be good to see him on competitive machinery in 2015. Hopefully that’s what Suzuki has planned for him.

  • Eugene Laverty signed to ride with Suzuki in WSBK for 1 year with a guarantee to move to the MotoGP bike in’15 if rumors are to be believed.

    As far as an experienced GP pilot to pair with him….Bautista makes more sense than a rumored Stoner/Burgess pairing trying to win it all on a third different brand. Especially after JB and Vale fell on their face post ripping Casey for not developing the Ducati.

  • Pete

    Is there no more design innovation in MotoGP? Every bike looks the same. No one wants to go out on a limb and try something radical. I’d love to see something like the Bimota Tesi 3D or Vyrus 986 make it’s way on to the starting grid and shake things up.

    What ever happened to the Motoczysz C1 MotoGP project?

  • Stevenk27

    I am not convinced that RdP has what it takes to be at the front of the pack. He is a good rider, just not in the same league as the current aliens.

    Eugene Laverty would also be a risky move as he has no proven MotoGP track record.
    I think the rider would have to be an existing rider who has shown the ability to be up front given competitive equipment. That means Bautista is the most likely given that Crutchlow is tied up until 2015. Interestingly Pedrosa, lorenzo and Marquez have contracts expiring end of 2014 so perhaps big money could lure them away. probably not Marquez but Pedrosa has never delivered while being on the best machinery so his HRC days are numbered and Lorenzo might want the challenge of winning a championship on another manufacturers machine.

    My hope would be a Stoner return but it’s highly unlikely and besides I’d prefer if he Took Pedrosa’s place on a Honda to challenge Marquez properly.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Given what everyone wishes, Stoner isn’t coming back… Given Marquez’s rise in MotoGP I would say that it’s still Jorge vs Marquez vs Pedrosa unless Rossi can rein it back in ’14. I don’t what Suzuki is thinking having Rdp as a test rider but oh well. I would love to see E. Laverty and Ben Spies on the Factory Suzuki team. Given Rdp’s testing, that’s most likely sealed him a ride in the team; Laverty’s switch to Crescent, he will most like take the GP given the reality that the GSXR 1000 isn’t going to be top 3 machinery right away… I somehow see Pedrosa going either to a satellite RCV214 or to Yamaha and Lorenzo making the switch to Honda in 2014… he hasn’t had a sour innings with Honda yet. I doubt they’ll close the door on him. I’m still a Pedrosa believer but if he doesn’t seal the deal next year I can see Lorenzo taking his spot to take on Maquez. Please Santa let Ben Spies recover and come back on the Suzuki.

  • Jimbo

    I think this team screams out for someone like Pedrosa. By the 2015 season he will be starting to get longer in the tooth, and dont know if Honda will re-new his contract. He is a fantastic rider with a wealth of experience so for him a move to Suzuki (a factory team, factory budget) who could use his knowledge for development makes sense. Better that than moving to a Satellite. The other option he may have of course is Yamaha. a) We dont know what is going to happen with Rossi, b) Jorge’s contract also ends next year so you could see him and Pedrosa do a straight swap!
    Suzuki may be the exciting challenge for Pedrosa though. Or Dovi come to think of it!

  • L2C

    The only would-be, might-be threat to Pedrosa’s seat is Lorenzo. No other rider is even close. And Lorenzo and Marquez are just barely. And both are unquestionably unable to deal with him on a good day, when all three are having the same kind of day.

    Mistakes and misfortune are what separate these three riders. Not talent, not speed. Mistakes and misfortune. Name one other rider on the grid who -on his best day- has shown that he can keep up with these three on their best day. This rider doesn’t exist.

    So, please, cut the crap about Pedrosa.

  • I’d only like to see Pedrosa on the Suzuki if the bike can prove to be competitive out of the gates, which is unlikely. I really don’t get the Pedrosa haters at all. The guy has had a great career so far, and his pace is right up there. As long as he can remain healthy, he’s still got a chance at a championship with HRC. I’d like to see HRC renew Dani’s contract. He certainly has been competitive for them.

  • Jimbo

    @L2C @Trane Francks,

    Dont misunderstand me. I am not a Pedrosa hater, nor do i have any doubts at all in his ability as a Motorcycle racer. My feeling is just that Honda are incredibly cut throat and Pedrosa hasnt won a championship and he is probably an expensive rider. He is one of the aliens after all! Honda wont care – they are a corporation just like any other and are results driven pure and simple. But my point stands that he would be a massive coup for Suzuki to have him on their bike with all the knowledge he brings. I also stand by my comment that i dont believe he will have his contract renewed at honda for the 2015 season. He may well be snapped up by Yamaha to either replace a Lorenzo who has moved on or Rossi should he decide to retire after the “six race test” he set himself.
    My thoughts on this only stand based on this season just past being repeated next season. If dani won 2014 (which is perfectly possible) i would re evaluate.

  • MikeD

    Too much music NOT ENOUGH engine sound.

    Typical/Regular Big Four PR FAIL.

    But the momentary bit of clear sound off that thing pulling away from the pit WAS EPIC.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I can see Lorenzo taking his spot”

    re: “Jorge’s contract also ends next year so you could see him and Pedrosa do a straight swap!”

    re: “The only would-be, might-be threat to Pedrosa’s seat is Lorenzo.”

    the answer is, D. none of the above. jay’s going nowhere, dan’s going nowhere

  • Norm G.

    re: “i dont believe he will have his contract renewed at honda for the 2015 season.”

    correct, it’ll be Repsol/BIG OIL doing the renewing.

    re: “I’m still a Pedrosa believer but if he doesn’t seal the deal next year”

    no worries, he will NOT (repeat NOT) seal the deal next year.

  • Norm G.

    re: “What ever happened to the Motoczysz C1 MotoGP project?”

    turns out, the notion an individual (even a talented one) can build ICE engines to match pace with those created by an army of degreed engineers who do it for a living, is patently FALSE.

  • PB

    Can we please ban L2C from posting delusional/clueless nonsense on every post? Or at least surgically remove his lips from Dani Pedrosa’s butthole?

    Seriously mate, you are making me cringe repeatedly and ruining this site. I can’t be alone here.

    +1 if you agree

  • MikeD


    I don’t approve of L2C removal but i do approve of your jokes. That was just too funny, LMAO.