MotoGP: Race Results from Valencia

11/10/2013 @ 1:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


MotoGP Race Results from the Valencian GP at Valencia, Spain:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 156.1 46’10.302
2 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 155.9 +3.934
3 Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda 155.7 +7.357
4 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 155.5 +10.579
5 Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 155.2 +14.965
6 Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 154.7 +24.399
7 Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 154.5 +29.043
8 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati Team Ducati 153.9 +39.893
9 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 153.1 +53.196
10 Michele PIRRO Ducati Test Team Ducati 152.6 +1’02.983
11 Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar ART 152.5 +1’04.197
12 Hector BARBERA Avintia Blusens FTR 152.4 +1’06.826
13 Claudio CORTI NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 152.2 +1’11.481
14 Danilo PETRUCCI Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 152.0 +1’13.643
15 Colin EDWARDS NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 151.5 +1’24.249
16 Hiroshi AOYAMA Avintia Blusens FTR 151.0 +1’33.010
17 Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport ART 150.3 1 Lap
18 Luca SCASSA Cardion AB Motoracing ART 150.2 1 Lap
19 Bryan STARING GO&FUN Honda Gresini FTR Honda 150.2 1 Lap
20 Martin BAUER Remus Racing Team S&B Suter 147.7 1 Lap
Not Classified
Andrea IANNONE Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 153.3 4 Laps
Randy DE PUNIET Power Electronics Aspar ART 150.7 7 Laps
Cal CRUTCHLOW Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 154.4 21 Laps
Yonny HERNANDEZ Ignite Pramac Racing Ducati 147.9 22 Laps
Lukas PESEK Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 146.4 27 Laps
Damian CUDLIN Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 145.0 27 Laps

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Westward

    Marquez will win again next season unless Rossi finds his mojo again, otherwise this kids unstoppable…

  • L2C


    If two certain riders remained healthy, I doubt Marquez would have won the championship. He was 23 points down from Pedrosa following the Assen TT. Lorenzo was down 9. Plus, Aragon gifted him and even wider margin on his teammate.

    Folks like to say there are no ifs and buts in racing, however Marquez was gifted no less than four extraordinary opportunites to secure the championship this year. If all of the top riders remain fit next year, and freak-accident free, he most definitely will not be a shoo-in.

    And there won’t be any more fun and games, because they are all serious as a heart attack now.

  • “If two certain riders remained healthy, I doubt Marquez would have won the championship.”

    Ah, yes. The ever-present ‘if’ in such discussions. At the end of the day, ‘if’ counts for squat. MM93 was the most consistent rider this season and it won him the championship. End of story. Congrats to all the players for an epic season. I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to watching testing begin Monday.

  • L2C

    Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi have all demonstrated in one way or another that they won’t be playing games in 2014. It’s going to be pure sport.

    Rossi firing Burgess? Forget it, man. Rossi respects Marquez, but he’s ready to slit his throat at the earliest opportunity. Rossi sacking his number one guy – a legend – in order to contend at the front is chilling. It was the coldest, hardest and most calculated move he has made all season long. If Rossi gets anywhere near that cradle, he’s going to slaughter whatever he finds within, and smile about it on the podium.

    Marquez did not hold sway over Lorenzo in any way, shape or form in the latter half of this season. If you think Lorenzo – the bludgeon master – has lost his thirst for blood, you need to wake up.

    And Pedrosa’s display with Lorenzo in the race today tells you everything you need to know about his intentions. No more Mr. Nice Guy relying solely on perfection to post acceptable results. His bottled rage has been uncorked.

    The party is definitely over.

  • L2C

    Well, Trane it’s easy to discount the injuries and freak acciddent in hindsight, but those things did matter. Consistency, sure, but again, Lorenzo won 8 races. He arguably was more consistent than Marc; 4 points and a championship being enough to obscure the harsh reality of the situation.

    But I’m not going to argue with you about it. I accept the fact that Marquez deserved to win. But there was at least one other rider who also deserved it.

  • “And Pedrosa’s display with Lorenzo in the race today tells you everything you need to know about his intentions.”

    JL99’s intentions were clear, too; he baffed Pedrosa hard on several occasions and nearly punted him completely off track on the last one. Jorge’s been studying at the Marquez School of Aggressive Riding. Next year will, I suspect, keep Race Direction somewhat busy in the premier class.

    “I accept the fact that Marquez deserved to win. But there was at least one other rider who also deserved it.”

    I think any of the top three deserved to win it. They’re all great riders and they all exhibited brilliant sportsmanship over the season. I hate seeing any riders injured and, of course, those injuries played a huge role in the outcome of the season. At the end of the day, though, the injuries were the result of mistakes. MM got away with his crashes this season; the others didn’t. That’s the nature of winning championships.

  • Well, looks like Repsol Honda was reading my comments and decided that I was right, and they laid down the law. Now I feel kind of bad, because for a while there Moto GP was really exciting, but obviously it’s back in the business of promoting their businesses once again.

    Because that’s what we saw in the last two races, team orders all the way. Marquez was obviously called off Lorenzo in the last race. In this race little Dani Pedrosa did his duty, played the good soldier and ran interference for the points leader, challenging and pushing Lorenzo while Marquez hung back and saved his tires. No doubt he was given the okay to take a shot at Lorenzo and pass if he could do it safely, but under no circumstances risk the championship. And that’s exactly what he did regardless of the bravado he spouted when interviewed, and the little show that Pedrosa put on. Notice Pedrosa almost lost it when Marquez waived him by, that was Dani’s conscience messing with his head. Thats pride fuckin wich you, Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that shit, cause a year from now when you kickin it in the Caribbean, you’ll be glad you went for the money Dani. :) Wouldn’t it have been ironic and perhaps even just if he had gone down and taken both Hondas out of the race.

    So all you old farts going on about Moto GP being a business, got to see exactly what businesspeople do in these situations, play the short odds and go for the safe money. So we got seven laps of showmanship, followed by 20 laps of everyone at Honda and Yamaha falling into line and doing what they were instructed to do, a win-win for everyone in the business, screw the fans/suckers. Honda gets the championship, and Yamaha proves that they really have the best rider and the best bike, right? *gag* PLEASE!

    I can almost hear the big boys saying at team meetings, just make it look good, make it look real, like you’re really trying. Makes you wonder if Moto GP is totally fixed, and it all gets decided before the season even starts. Something akin to a theatrical performances that apes sporting competition, like pro wrestling.

    Personally I’m tired of being suckered, this is the reason why so many have no interest in this ‘sport’, because it’s not really a sport, it’s a business agreements disguised as racing, with just so much left to chance. All that matters is, everybody gets paid at the end of the season. What is it the kids say these days ‘fuck you pay me’. So everybody plays along otherwise the business agreement goes into the toilet, and it could end up a free-for-all, chaos and disorder, with the top riders just going for it, you know the way a race is supposed to be.

    But you boys just keep drinking that Jimmy Jones punch, and shelling out your money for a new bike to add to your collection every year, because this series is for you, all for you, the businessmen.

  • Jason


  • Westward


    I would argue, that if Rossi doesn’t break his leg in 2010, or Stoner doesn’t get injured in 2012, Lorenzo never becomes a champion. See that is why Lorenzo never defends his title. Not everyone is going to be an injury prone Pedrosa.

    I’d like to see Lorenzo win a title when everyone is healthy…

    Marquez did dominate Lorenzo this season. If not for that silly DQ or the play it safe riding of the last two races, Marquez could have had two or three more wins.

    I’m just glad the kid was more mature than Lorenzo was at that age and tamed he inner demons enough to win a title by being smart not overly passionate…

  • Hey cool

    Thanks beeler you twat. I like how you put them all in order of finishing in the same photo. No chance you could have a pic of the track, or some umbrella girls and save the spoiler for the main text? I was just going to suggest you put the pic of the podium in the front page seconds after the GP ends just to really spoil it but you beat me to it.

  • crshnbrn


    “Marquez will win again next season unless Rossi finds his mojo again.”?

    That’s an awful lot of mojo! Rossi finished ahead of Marquez only twice all season, and the first time was at Qatar, Marquez’s first race on a GP bike. Rossi won only one race on the same bike Lorenzo won eight races on.

  • Gear

    Love to see J-Lo on fire…His spirit is awesome..with underpower Yammi compare to Hondas, i think he is the true champion…But Marc deserve the championship title with his pure ability and perfect machine..
    For next year, im juz hope more than 3 riders can compete for podium.

  • crshnbrn

    @ Westward

    “If” Stoner wouldn’t have gotten injured in 2012, he would have defended his title.

    I too would like to see Lorenzo win a title when everyone is healthy. That would be one heck of a season. Hell, I’d even settle for seeing Marquez win a title in his rookie season when everyone is healthy.

  • Shinigami

    Unquestionably a well earned championship for MM. NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS.

  • Jimbo

    Cant wait for next season:
    Smiling Champion no longer a rookie,
    Lorenzo wanting to wipe the smile off his face,
    Pedrosa going all for nothing in his potential last year on the only bike he could do it on,
    Rossi in “sell soul to win again” mode (cutting burgess was cold man!)
    “CRT” bikes now much closer to Factory/Sat machines (Hayden will be faster next year)
    Will be great!