“Naughty Fenati” Set to Return to Moto3 Next Season

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It wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about the actions of Romano Fenati at the San Marino GP, where he reached out and grabbed the front brake lever of a competitor’s bike, while going over 120 mph.

The act saw immediate outrage in the MotoGP paddock. It led to Fenati being sacked by his 2018 squad, the Marinelli Snipers Team, and then booted from his 2019 outfit, the MV Agusta Moto2 team being lead by Forward Racing.

A two-race ban by the FIM Stewards also was handed down to the 22-year-old, which was later turned into a ban from racing for the rest of the year by the FIM. Soon afterwards, Fenati announced his intention to quit motorcycle racing all together, and the matter seemed finally at its conclusion.

Forever has been short-lived however, as rumors from the MotoGP paddock tip that “Naughty Fenati” will be back on the race track next year, returning for the 2019 Moto3 season with the same Marinelli Snipers Team…the same team that fired him earlier this season.

No official announcement has come forth yet, though even the website is telling the news as if it is set in stone. Perhaps the racing series is testing the public’s reaction to Fenati’s return first, before signing off on his inclusion back into the championship.

Several months after the fact, the hope is surely that the GP paddock is ready to forgive and forget Fenati’s on-track actions at Misano, just as the paddock has allowed itself to overlook Fenati’s continuous bad behavior, both on and off the track over the past few years.

Maybe this is the time though that Romano Fenati has finally learned his lesson. Maybe whatever character flaw that is inside him, which causes Fenati constantly to lose his temper, has finally been cured. As we are fond of saying, only time will tell.

Source: MotoGP