Movistar Yamaha Confirms Valentino Rossi Injury

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After reports from Italy told of Valentino Rossi breaking his leg in an enduro training accident, we have been waiting for confirmation of that news from an official source.

Now getting on top of this evolving story, the Movistar Yamaha team has confirmed that the nine-time World Champion has been involved in a training accident, and that he was taken to the Ospedale Civile di Urbino for a medical check-up.

The press release from Yamaha does not specify what part of his body Rossi injured, nor does it speculate to the extent of that injury.

However, Yamaha Racing does say that it will update us once Rossi’s medical condition has been confirmed. More news, as we get it.

UPDATE: Doctors have confirmed that Rossi has broken the tibia and fibula in his right leg. Surgery is to happen ASAP.

UPDATE #2: Yamaha reports a successful surgery for Valentino Rossi on Friday.

Source: Movistar Yamaha; Photo: © 2016 Tony Goldsmith / – All Rights Reserved