Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa might be living gods when it comes to riding a MotoGP bike, but when it comes to the ultimate in two-wheeled prowess, we leave it to the trials riders, and two of the best in the biz are Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami.

Thankfully, all four riders are under the Repsol banner, which makes for an interesting opportunity to have these very talented competitors riding together. Maybe next time Bou and Fujinami can take the RC213V for spin — it seems only fair, right?

Source: Repsol (YouTube) via AutoEvolution

  • Tom

    “lets put them all in the same colored suit”
    “but then you can’t tell who’s who!”

  • L2C

    I like that Dani took a “wait and see” approach to the whole thing. Pretty amusing.

  • jet

    Them honda colors suck,,,lol

  • Every time I see trials, I’m reminded that I haven’t tried it. It looks like a complete blast.

  • paulus

    The helmets are all different, you can see who is doing the hard work.
    The tarmac boys distinctly missing from the action :)

    Great to watch

  • Kaw4Life

    Safe to say that Dani and Marc were not part of the trials work in that video. That said, if given a MotoGP bike, I would not go past second gear!


  • irksome

    Roger DeCoster was Belgian trials champion before he ever straddled an MX bike. Just sayin’.

    Riding trials in the 70’s made me a better motorcycle rider. What they’re capable of these days borders on incredulity.

  • KSW

    Repsol and Honda sure have this digital content thang down. Don’t recall any regular series of content coming from Yamaha or Ducati or even teams on the MGP circuit this winter. Now, if they’ve kept some tid bits in the can for when the season starts and Dorna puts the slap down on promoting MotoGP like this with free content they’d be doing even better. I for one would have no problem watching some of these off season vids during breaks in the action all season long. Hint, hint, anyone, Bueller, I mean Beeler, anyone.