Jorge Lorenzo Starts His Own MotoGP Analysis Channel on YouTube

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Ex-racers make great analysts for motorcycle racing. This is because they have a keen understanding of how racing a motorcycle works, and thus offer an unparalleled insight into the sport.

This is why so often we see ex-racers as the pitlane reporters in MotoGP, WorldSBK, and MotoAmerica. Moreover, the position is an excellent career path for someone whose days of standing on the podium are over.

How does this work in the 21st century though? Roughly the same, but with social media and YouTube giving rival to the small screen, some great racers are seeing new opportunities.

Take for example, Jorge Lorenzo, who has just started his own YouTube channel, where the five-time world champion is offering his thoughts and analysis for free to his followers.

The channel is naturally a showcase of Lorenzo’s often talked about personality, and finally the former grand prix rider is free to be able to let his personality truly shine through the screen.

The cleverly named “#99Seconds” series on average lasts a little over 10 minutes, and include Lorenzo’s unbiased predictions and post-mortems on the racing action in the MotoGP Championship.

Always mindful of his international appeal, Lorenzo’s show is done in his native Spanish, but you can turn on English subtitles too.

While some racers find it difficult to transition out of the eye of the public, it is obvious to everyone that Lorenzo is making the transition well, and with grace.

Source: YouTube