MotoGP: Race Results from Mugello

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MotoGP Race Results from the French GP at Le Mans, France:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda 173.8 41’38.254
2 Jorge LORENZO Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 173.8 +0.121
3 Valentino ROSSI Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 173.6 +2.688
4 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 172.8 +14.046
5 Pol ESPARGARO Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 172.7 +15.603
6 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 172.6 +17.042
7 Andrea IANNONE Pramac Racing Ducati 172.6 +17.129
8 Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 171.9 +27.407
9 Aleix ESPARGARO NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 170.9 +41.886
10 Yonny HERNANDEZ Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 170.7 +45.212
11 Michele PIRRO Ducati Team Ducati 170.7 +45.433
12 Karel ABRAHAM Cardion AB Motoracing Honda 170.7 +45.831
13 Scott REDDING GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 170.7 +45.839
14 Hiroshi AOYAMA Drive M7 Aspar Honda 170.6 +46.834
15 Colin EDWARDS NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 169.1 +1’09.554
16 Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 168.5 +1’17.789
17 Broc PARKES Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 167.4 +1’35.031
18 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia Racing Avintia 167.3 +1’37.501
Not Classified
Hector BARBERA Avintia Racing Avintia 166.4 16 Laps
Michel FABRIZIO Octo IodaRacing Team ART 163.2 17 Laps
Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati Team Ducati 169.1 20 Laps
Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 168.7 20 Laps
Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 167.1 21 Laps

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • Lee Anderson

    I could barely hang onto my seat, and I wasn’t racing. Amazing determination by MM and JL, who’s going blink? Riding on the ragged edge of traction and having to calculate all the physical factors of your own bike and tires while anticipating the strategy of the guy breathing down your exhaust pipe. Amazing race, I’d say the bikes are coming more equal all the time. Rossi did very well, Pedro needs to pick it up and fight back with Rossi for second.

    Not a FOX fan, but they do a great job with MotoGP, Congrats.

  • Gonzo

    How I described it on FB.

    “Well that sermon had me on the edge of my pew! First 17 laps, Reverend Marquez loafed around, biding his time. Next 5 laps, he and the Apostate Lorenzo swapped lead each lap. Final lap, Reverend Marquez
    showed him the error of his ways and brought it home for a righteous victory!”

  • Xan

    By far the most interesting race of the season. Just kept waiting for Lorenzo to fade out like he has in every other race this season, but was really surprised that he held it together the whole time. The dust has hardly settled, but it will be interesting to see if it was mugello that gave him a fighting chance, or if he is racing better. Either way, I’m sure he will race more confidently than prior to today.
    Be interesting to see how much home track advantage means next week. Will it be a nail biter, or another 5 second gap “race for second”?

  • Eyvind

    @ Le Mans, France?

    I think it was TIM’s Mugello, Italy.

  • prab

    Is MM gonna win all races this year? And he doesn’t even look to be pushing his 100% as commented by him post race that he pushed 100% only on the last lap to make sure that JL doesn’t get a chance to come back. In fact, a look at the lap times will prove the same – MM’s last lap was his second fastest of the race. Yamaha seriously need to do something about the bike now, get the boys some more speed at least. After all they are competing with the best rider on the best bike!!!

  • L2C

    If Jorge could have shaken off the slipstream and taken Marc on one corner, I believe he would have won the race. Otherwise, he put on a great performance. A tremendous effort.

    Also, Romano Fenati was just the genius today in Moto3. He did everything, everything to perfection and I didn’t think the racing in Moto3 this year could get any better — but this morning’s race took the cake! Wow!!

    Can’t wait for Barcelona.

  • Eyvind

    JL was being overtaken on the straight. He needs more speed. He could have won this race. MM’s bike was faster on the straight. That 6th gear change really worked out.
    The best race so far this season.
    Both put on a great race.

  • L2C

    “JL was being overtaken on the straight.”

    Yeah, he was. And Team Kitchy’s strategy, along with the 6th gear setup, won in the end. But Jorge did well to recover from those passes on the straight, previous to the last lap. It was on that last lap that I think Jorge could have won the race if he had been able to get another pass on Kitchy in the corners. And if he could have kept it neat, Kitchy would have been beaten.

    Ifs and buts, though it was still a good measure of what Jorge can do when his mind is at ease.

  • Damn

    mm was pushing al the way, that why he closed the front again and again, he couldnt get away from jorge so he stayed behind waiting for the long straight then again push 100% to take victory. he wasn’t pushing only the last lap.

  • Xan

    @Eyvind: That really doesn’t have anything to do with the bikes. If you know Mugello, that’s how it always works. If you’re in the lead, but don’t have enough distance to prevent others drafting, you ALWAYS get passed on the start/finish straight. If you watched moto3 it was all the more apparent. The leader changed on that straight every single lap. The only way to prevent it is to slingshot yourself into first, and put a second or more between you and the guy behind you. Otherwise you will just trade back the next time you reach the straight.

  • L2C

    @ Xan

    I think Eyvind means that if Jorge had more top speed, he would have been able to hold off Kitchy’s drafts on the straight for a longer period of time, thereby keeping it much closer into Turn 1. Jorge did in fact hold off Kitchy on the straight a couple of times when Kitchy’s drafting wasn’t sufficient enough to make a complete pass.

    With more top speed, it would have been possible for Jorge to be within drafting distance of Kitchy out of the last corner and onto the straight, perhaps finishing similar to Romano Fenati in Moto3. The gap that Kitchy pulled on the last lap was enough to neutralize Jorge’s corner speed, but it was just barely out of reach. A tenth.

  • L2C

    Yonny Hernandez, Michele Pirro, Karel Abraham, Scott Redding, Hiroshi Aoyama. Colin Edwards should be finishing well ahead of these guys. Especially the production Honda racers. Maybe a better result at Catalunya is forthcoming from the Texas Tornado.

  • Jw

    Epic battle today in Motogp. Romano Fennati has made me a fan of the 250 class as much as I am of the big class. Could Yamaha make a V-4 configuration would that keep up with the Honda?

  • Props to the Yamaha guys for finally giving Lorenzo a competitive bike, they obviously worked hard to make some improvements. The bigger more powerful brakes made a difference, and the bike seemed to have more top end as well. The higher speed track with higher speed corners also worked to his advantage.

    Marquez was still able to outmuscle him at the end when they were both pushing the limits, but it took some real defensive moves to hold Jorge off. One of the few times this season he’s had to do that.

    Notice the difference in how they react when they get into an out of shape slide, Lorenzo feet off the pegs up in the air, Marquez just sticks to his bike, confident the tires will regain traction. Takes real faith and no small measure of balls to have confidence in those tires. :)

    The Ducati’s claimed to gain power and their top speed numbers prove it, but if your tires can’t handle it, it doesn’t do you much good, as Crutchlow found out the hard way.

    All in all I’d agree that this was the best race of the season, because we actually got to see some REAL Motorcycle racing, as opposed to the mostly foregone conclusions we’ve been watching up till now. You need to have bikes that are competitive like this so it really is about the riders skills. I would still say that the Repsol Honda is superior, but at least the Movistar Yamaha was almost in the same league in this race, which is what allowed Lorenzo a chance at the win.

    Again kudos to the Yamaha guys in the shop who moved the bar forward on their bike.

    Innone 217.2 mph on that straightaway, and Brembo says the factory Ducati was actually hitting 224.3 mph outside the speed trap, damn! Are there any cars that are getting down that straightaway faster? And the leaders were hitting 212 to 215 every lap during the race.

  • Xan

    It was also interesting that Rossi seemed to drop off pretty drastically from earlier in the season. He had to start 10th because of a tire issue, but he just fell off the face of the earth halfway through. Not sure what he said post race, but he didn’t even try to fight back. Also, miller’s little stunt in moto3 is unforgivable. Take your 5th place points. Don’t screw yourself and two others by crashing them out with a half a lap left. Talk about a rookie mistake… YOURE 1ST IN POINTS, FINISH THE RACE

  • Xan

    @Aaron: I’m sure they tweaked it, but there is an electronics and engine development freeze at the moment. There’s really only so much they can do, and I can only imagine that the top riders have their bikes dialed in to 99% of what they want.

    I really still think it was a combination of Lorenzo being at Mugello (where he had won 4 straight?) and the layout of Mugello that pretty much only allows two riders who are keeping their lines one place to pass. No doubt, Lorenzo raced better than he has all season by a country mile, but I’m interested to see if he can maintain that kind of racing outside of Mugello.

    No doubt he will be more confident, but we will see how much his favorite track played into his performance today.

    It’s kind of funny, because MM still won. This season has come down to someone getting close to MM and we are talking about them as though they won lol.

  • Kevin White

    Great race. How much you wanna bet Marquez gets those bigger brakes in time for the next round?

  • Xan

    @Kevin: Was he not using the 340? If not, that seems kinda dumb lol. Why would you not use the better brake??

  • a tom

    Per Rossi: he was riding his second bike without all the adjustments made on the first, after issues in warm-up; his ‘slow’ laps he blamed on an on-the-fly mapping change they tried (and failed with) to see if they could drop the gap to the front two.

    A comedy of errors for him this weekend, but good for him he managed to ride into 3rd place. Now he just needs another 0.05s/lap (excluding the ~1s he lost due to the alternate mapping)… That, or a nice tow in someone’s slipstream. Maybe Jorge will help? :-P

  • smiler

    Did we really have a race. When MM was behind JL, he was clearly at least 0.25 secs a lap faster as shown in qualifying.
    Waited a number of laps before the inevitable.
    When MM got past, JL pushed him but was clearly having to ride much closer to the edge than MM. The Hinda is still just a much better bike. It is faster, better still on the brakes and less difficult on tyres. Yamaha are playing catch up again.

    MM’s team mate, the rider supposed to challenge, was as usual nowhere to be seen. At least in F1 in most teams the team mates are swapping places and putting each other under pressure. (Hamilton, Rosberg), (Alonzo, Raikonen) (Vettel and the Aussie).

    In the year before Mick Doohan won his first world title there were three manufactuers in the top 3, 4 factory Honda’s and Rainey, Schwantz, Beatie and Criville providing some real competition.

    Personally I though MM looked unimpressive. He had several huge mistakes, even one whilst still behind JL. He tried the uninspiring Ducati tactic of getting past on top speed on the straight only to screw up the braking.
    It is however good to see Lorenzo seemingly back on form. The only other rider with any real possibility to provide some racing.
    Rossi, 10th -> 3rd, 10 and 15 years older than the others on the podium, only 2.4 secs behind the wunner, 300 GP’s, 187 podiums, 9 world championships, says it all really.
    MM is winning in one of the weakest periods of MotoGP ever, which makes him look better than he really is.

    The 125 race. Now was that ever fun. A swarm of bikes for most of the race, the lead changing several times a lap, all sorts of tactics being used to get in front. crashes, scrapes and really good racing. The rsult almost a photo finish. This is what MotoGP sometimes used to be.

  • prab

    This looks like the trend we are going to see rest of the year. An experienced Marquez will put up a much better fight against his only real rival from last year, Lorenzo even when JL is riding his best (and hopefully he is back!). And MM is only going to get better, pray that one of the other fresh recruits from Moto2 gets a factory ride next year and can challenge him. The only other contenders – VR and DP, should at least make the fight for the 3rd place interesting. VR might win the 2nd position in a couple more races but is not capable of posing a real fight for the 1st. Don’t know what the problem with Dani is but at this moment it seems that he should probably just look to challenge VR. VR is being phenomenal, at this age, posing such a challenge to young champions. Hats off!!!

  • HateUK

    Have never cheered as loudly in my life, as I did on laps 4 and 5. Just a shame to see Bradl taken out by some incompetent.

  • Kaw4Life

    Just a shame to see Bradl taken out by some “incompetent”.

    Seriously !?

    Have you every actually ridden a motocycle?

  • Kevin White


    Yep, my understanding is MM didn’t have the bigger discs for this race.

  • Jw

    I believe I heard MM say in the pre-race press conference that He didn’t need the larger front disc, thus he did not race with it on the bike

  • Jw

    And Cal yet seems to have a steady job at Ducati with Dovi as the rider who may out a work. Is there a performance clause in Cals contract?

  • crshnbrn

    ^ If a 9 times World Champion can’t come to terms with the Ducati in two years, how long does the newby get? Dovi should move on. He deserves a better ride.