HRC and Red Bull Expand MotoGP Partnership

07/30/2014 @ 1:53 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


Honda Racing and Red Bull have announced an enhancement to their collaboration in MotoGP through the Repsol Honda team, which sees the energy drink company’s logo featured on Honda’s factory team starting in the 2015 season, as it becomes the official energy drink for the team as well.

The two parties have collaborated over the last nine years, but the Red Bull logo has never before been featured on the Repsol Honda machinery, despite Red Bull supporting both Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa with personal sponsorships.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to grow our partnership with Red Bull,” said Shuhei Nakamoto, Executive Vice President of HRC.

“It is an iconic global brand with whom we’ve worked alongside for nine years, so this was the logical next step. I’m sure that this new partnership will increase our visibility, not only as Honda, but also MotoGP on a whole to a wider global audience, which can only be good for the sport.”

The news is the latest move in the escalating sugar-water war that is brewing inside MotoGP, which has seen Red Bull, Monster Energy, Rockstar, and other brands competing for placement in the premier class.

Today’s announcement also makes Red Bull’s investment into the Repsol Honda team a positive sign for MotoGP’s viability as a prominent marketing avenue for international brands, as the Austrian company continues to invest further and further into the sport with rider, team, and event sponsorships.

It will be interesting to see if other energy drink brands follow Red Bull’s suit, and increase their exposure as well, much in the same way we saw the tobacco industry compete for sponsorship contracts in the 500GP days.

Source: Honda

  • Pietro

    I want to see E-Cigarettes get in the game too!

  • froryde

    At least the cancer stick paint jobs were way more cool…

  • Adi

    It will be exciting, Yamaha vs Honda & Monster vs RedBull

  • TheGuru

    Trash!!! I never drink any of those high sugar cough medicine drinks

  • smiler

    Perhaps the days are number for “energy drinks” in the same way as cigarettes were.
    MotoGP is now even more heavily reliant on sponsorship that will perhaps gop the way of cigarette advertising once the health lobby catches up.

    More high profile sponsorship for Hinda can only be good for MotoGP though.

  • Westward

    RockStar & Ducati ?

    Troy Corser sported the energy drink Pussy on his helmet in WSBK. I wonder how that would go in MotoGP. I would like to see them partnered up with Ducati.

    They claim to be a Natural energy drink…

  • Totzia

    Hayden’s MotoGP bike is also sponsored by Energy Drink Drive M7?