MotoGP: Race Results from Assen

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MotoGP Race Results from the Dutch TT at Assen, The Netherlands:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda 162.8 43’29.954
2 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 162.4 +6.714
3 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 162.2 +10.791
4 Aleix ESPARGARO NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 161.6 +19.199
5 Valentino ROSSI Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 161.2 +25.813
6 Andrea IANNONE Pramac Racing Ducati 161.0 +29.003
7 Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 160.9 +30.882
8 Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 160.9 +30.985
9 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati Team Ducati 160.1 +44.031
10 Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 159.9 +48.662
11 Broc PARKES Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 159.7 +51.863
12 Scott REDDING GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 159.2 +1’00.329
13 Jorge LORENZO Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 158.9 +1’04.641
14 Karel ABRAHAM Cardion AB Motoracing Honda 158.8 +1’05.980
15 Danilo PETRUCCI Octo IodaRacing Team ART 158.1 +1’17.611
16 Hiroshi AOYAMA Drive M7 Aspar Honda 158.0 +1’19.753
17 Nicky HAYDEN Drive M7 Aspar Honda 157.5 +1’27.630
18 Hector BARBERA Avintia Racing Avintia 157.5 +1’28.142
19 Yonny HERNANDEZ Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 155.9 1 Lap
20 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia Racing Avintia 154.9 1 Lap
21 Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 151.9 1 Lap
22 Colin EDWARDS NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 143.8 3 Laps
Not Classified
Pol ESPARGARO Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 147.0 8 Laps

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • Westward

    I think Rossi could have won if he had stayed on his original bike instead of switching last minute and starting from pit lane…

    Most of his errors seem to stem from indecisiveness.

  • In the minds of many in the motorcycle racing ‘community’, Marc Marquez is the worst thing to happen to Moto GP in decades, why? Because when you know the outcome of the race before it happens, you have no reason to watch said race. Suddenly revenues start falling across the board, and folks is getting desperate.

    That’s why every corporate owned pseudo-journalist in the industry is writing articles continually put forward evermore far-fetched theories on how Marc will surely be beaten in the next race. And all those frothing animals disguised as human beings, will finally be treated to the Marquez downfall they so crave, and must have in order to validate their pathetic excuse for an existence.

    Of course the pseudo-journos know every word they write is BS, but they’re just doing what they’re told, to get the suckers to watch the next race. These are the same ‘writers’ who have the unmitigated temerity and lack of professionalism to actually make excuses in the articles they write, about why they can’t do their jobs. And since there’s no longer any more credible editors around with guts enough to tell them that their job is not to make excuses in articles, it’s to uncover the facts and relay those facts to readers, that crap actually gets published.

    But hey when you’re very existence in the genre where you work is predicated upon your inability, or perhaps more likely your revenue driven unwillingness, to do any kind of investigative journalism on the subject you cover, because the people in the industry don’t want the public to know, what choice do you have. For if you were to actually do your job, you would very quickly find yourself out of a job. And then the blogs that just regurgitate whatever crapola you write would have to make excuses for some other even more spineless corporate slave.

    Such is the state of motorsport journalism throughout the world today, thanks entirely to it being predicated entirely upon profit motive over credibility. And editorial decisions in motorsports journalism being made by the very multinationals that have huge financial stakes in the companies being reported upon.

    And as advertising revenues shrink and budgets start getting cut, people are panicking out of fear it will be their job that is about to get downsized, or it will be their year-end bonus that, per contractual agreement, is about to get halved – poor babies. If things keep going like this, were sure to see some desperate company-man out there throwing spike strips in front of Marquez during the race, and excuse his action out of fear he was going to lose his house in Monaco, and his trophy wife right after that.

    That’s right kids, the fix is in, but not the way you think. Time to wake up to reality. :)

  • DuckDuckBang

    @Westward, for sure rossi would be kicking himself, not having to pit would have handed that race to him surely, he had nothing to lose once he made the decision to be the only person out there not on wets. he should have perservered for at least a few laps, taking it easy and pitting after a few laps if the rain got worse certainly would have been a better move than that last second pit lane start…

    looking like someones gonna have to make a gamble that pays off to unseat marquez anytime soon.

  • DuckDuckBang

    also, a forgone conclusion doesn’t make a race less interesting. there are a million skills and variables in motor-racing that make for exciting viewing, including some kid with alien-like skills coming in and making everyone else look like they’re racing back in the agostini days by comparison. largely because those true fans of the sport know what to appreciate and know even more that the rest of the pack and the champions of tomorrow are watching and learning and will come along and do similar things.

    motor racing isn’t a straight line graph of talent vs viewing excitement. if you wanted the closest and best racing year after year where all other variables are minimised to determine who truly is the best rider with the best racing skills, then we’d need a series where everybody is riding #1 honda and guess what, even then it wouldn’t cancel out some freak coming along and making everyone else look like a dog’s breakfast.

  • Alex

    I have to say, as brilliant as Marc is as a rider… it makes for a boring season. I stopped watching races after the 3rd win in a row. I just look at the results to see if, by some miracle, someone else won the race. THEN… I might consider watching it.

  • L2C

    I was unexpectedly detached while watching the races today. Later I wondered why. Then as the hour of the Brazil vs Chile match approached, I knew the answer. World Cup 2014 has delivered everything a sports fan could ever hope for. And since I don’t have a favorite team, it has been nothing but a joy to watch and experience. It has been not just one player or one team making history. Many players and many teams are making history. Indeed many players and many teams have already made history in this year’s tournament.

    Nothing against MotoGP, but nothing — absolutely nothing that MotoGP has delivered this year compares to the spectacle of this year’s World Cup. I wish I could say otherwise. The drama that the unpredictable weather caused on the grid had no effect on me. In fact, for me, it wasn’t drama. It was like I was watching a high-school dress rehearsal or something. What happened in Assen today simply didn’t matter. But that penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile deserved every Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, whatever award for best of the best of the best. And it was a pity that one team had to lose.

    But, you know, I’m not particularly saying that today’s races sucked. I’m just saying that they didn’t make impact on me. I watched them, it was over, and that was it.

    Let’s see what Sachsenring brings. Hopefully it will be something truly special.

  • L2C

    “It has been not just one player or one team making history. Many players and many teams are making history. Indeed many players and many teams have already made history in this year’s tournament.”

    And that is just a feeble attempt to sum it all up. It really is much more than that.

  • Chris Blair

    I was thoroughly engaged in the race today and I knew exactly why, because it is everything the soccer isn’t. Exciting, fast paced, not longer than it needs to be, there is ALWAYS a winner, racers break multiple bones and never look like a girl when it happens, no one is ever rewarded by points for a tie because a tie doesn’t exist, I would continue but I think you get the point. I would gladly watch Marquez win every race for the next 15 years by more than 20 seconds each race so long as I don’t have to watch 10 seconds of another soccer “lowlight”. Please stop shoving it down our throats ESPN. Praise the powers that be that this crap only comes along every four years.

  • Brandon

    @Aaron B. Brown, well said man, the media hype is sickening. Trying to create a championship out of speculations… making it seem like the other riders are close. The racing has been super boring (Mugello and Catalunya are small exceptions, even then you could see the outcome), I’ve lost my interest in making sure I watch it as soon as possible.

  • I thought all three classes delivered an exceptional show. Lots of tension and unpredictability. Ant West winning in Moto2 from 23rd on the grid was utterly sublime, especially when you note that his last win was 2003 at Assen in the rain. Lorenzo finishing 13th over a lack of confidence in MotoGP? That kind of drama thrills me. Rossi’s comeback through the field to 5th. Brock Parkes holding his own inside the top ten for much of the race ….

    Lots of good, good stuff for me. So many intertwined stories telling a compelling whole.

  • JS

    ahhhh diddums listen to the Rossi fans getting upset because their man failed again while Marquez triumphed. All three classes were great to watch and to compare MotoGP to football with their prima donna ,cheating, overpaid and under worked players to the gladiators that that make up the three MotoGP championships is frankly insulting.

    Rossi is a credit to MotoGP but his fans certainly are not. They would be more than happy if it was him doing all the winning this year but woe betide if any other rider dares to do the same. Long may Marquez’s reign continue – if only to annoy the yellow brigade.

  • Just watched the race, nothing to write home about except for the rain breaking things up and introducing the element of strategy, which worked out for some and not for others. Good to see a Ducati running at the front and challenging Marquez.

    I also saw something that is mostly unheard of in Moto GP, the riders having a little fun, particularly there at the end. Perhaps the only good thing about Marc’s total dominance is that at this point it’s beginning to take the pressure off the other riders, who are realizing that the championship is about to go out of reach for virtually all of them.

    The last few races we’ve seen some really hard pushing in the top tier, all to no avail. So there’s really no point for the teams to keep putting pressure on their riders to push it farther and risk crashing out or getting injured in qualifying in order to get pole position because it doesn’t matter, much like it doesn’t make any difference during the race. At this point I’d say Marquez is as close as you can get to unbeatable as any rider I’ve ever seen, surpassing even Valentino Rossi’s best in his heyday.

    Perhaps once the riders and the teams resigned themselves to these realities, they’ll be able to relax and the races will actually get better, we’ll see fewer crashes and motorcycle racing can get back to what it’s really all about, having a good time. In my view that’s been lost in much of motorsports, particularly at the top levels. It’s too much about business and not enough about sport. We play sports to have fun, that’s why people watch sports to enjoy themselves, not to get all worked up and stressed out because the rider or team you prefer didn’t win. The way much of professional sports worldwide is engaged in, is in fact antithetical to the idea of sports, which is in fact nothing more than a form of play, which we all need in our lives as an escape from all the serious things we have to deal with. I think people turn away from sports when it becomes a drag and no longer fun anymore.

    Also congrats to Alex Marquez for his win in Moto 3, obviously that family is sporting some serious genetic superiority when it comes to motorcycle racing, it’s all in the genes baby. :)

    I noticed that the World Cup was mentioned here, I played a little soccer in my youth, but like most Americans I could never get into watching it because it’s F-ing boring. Futbal is really nothing more than a complicated game of keep away. Definitely lots of fun to play, but at the World Cup level, as well as much of the rest of professional soccer, it’s rather unexciting 97% of the time.

    But I have been watching World Cup matches recently and some of them have been very good, even great, particularly when teams go out there and put it all on the line, and really go for it, as opposed to playing it safe. Of course one of the problems is many of the teams are completely overmatched, so much so that they really don’t even belong in the same league. For example team USA playing Germany, the Americans were totally out of their depth, it was almost embarrassing to watch. Yet I have to hear all these people saying what a great thing it is that USA made it into the elimination rounds, why? They have exactly 0 chance of winning the World Cup, so why do I want to see them go on and lose embarrassingly to some much better team like Brazil. I don’t. What I’d like to see is the US team that can actually compete with the best teams in the world, and that would take paying US players comparably to those in Europe, in order to get the best people into the sport. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    Personally I’m an Argentina fan, specifically because of Lionel Messi, who is simply the best soccer player I’ve ever seen, perhaps the best that’s ever been. I first noticed him during the 2008 Olympics, and I was totally awed by his ability. I’ve never seen anybody with that kind of focus, and with that kind of connection to the ball and awareness. And he’s just a little guy with a genetic condition that would preclude most people from ever becoming a professional athlete. There is something genuinely magical about his talent. I don’t ever expect to see his like again in my lifetime.

    I noticed in the match between Argentina and Nigeria, the players were smiling and laughing and congratulating each other, it was competitive but good-natured, the way sports is supposed to be. I don’t want to see people playing dirty in order to win, and thinking that’s acceptable, and I sure don’t want to see some infantile A-hole biting people, because he’s not mature enough to deal with his frustration. People like that shouldn’t be on professional teams, no matter how good they are.

    But I think that professional soccer has the same problem that most professional sports at that level have, it isn’t really fun anymore, it’s just a lot of stress and agony to watch for most people. Given that only one team can ultimately prevail, it doesn’t even seem like it’s worth it to become emotionally invested.

    But hey I’m into American football and I get emotionally invested in that, and seeing the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl was deeply satisfying for me. It vindicated my views and confirmed a lot of my criticisms of the NFL, an organization which I despise, and how it has gone badly wrong in many so many ways in recent years. I love football, but hate the NFL for all the crap they’ve pulled on potentially great players in the past, players like Charlie Ward, the FSU quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy and took Florida State to the national championship which they won, but then got totally disrespected in the draft by the NFL because he wasn’t considered big or strong enough to play quarterback in the NFL, so he said no thank you to the NFL and went into the NBA. A great loss for football.

    And Russell Wilson was much the same kind of quarterback, considered too short for most teams to give him a shot, even though he obviously had the ability. Well he took a second-tier offense, pulled them together, and with the help of a great defense (old old-school football) beat every NFL golden boy that all the dinosaurs running the league considered to be a sure thing for a Super Bowl win.

    And a few years ago when the NFL wanted to screw the officials by dismantling guaranteed retirement four guys who’d been in the league 20-25 years, and make member while in 401(k)s, which are a total financial sector scan these days, and we had to put up with those ridiculously bad nonunion high school refs officiating NFL games, and making bad calls that the even peewee football officials would never make. I suspect a number of them were getting greased by the boys in Vegas. If it was up to me I’d take a flamethrower to the entire upper management in the NFL, and stripped the owners of much of their power.

    But I digress, excuse me :)

  • Faust


    I was thinking the exact same thing. If Rossi was the one winning all these races, people would be thrilled and talking about how great he is. MM has fought off tough challenges from Lorenzo, been rear ended by Pedrosa, and now faced nasty race conditions. Each time he find a way to win, and then everyone acts like it’s so easy. Like the bike is riding itself or something. Like it’s only the electronics helping him. Like he didn’t crush the 125cc and Moto2 series before this.

    In other news, his younger brother has won 2 races in Moto3 in a row and is now 7 points away from the championship lead. Can’t it just be that they are that good? Why must Rossi and Pedrosa fans make excuse after excuse, knowing that if Rossi, Pedrosa or even Stoner (if he came back) were riding this way they would love it? During the race weekend in Austin, Kevin Schwantz commented about how great of a rider MM was and about how he was bringing the bike around corners sliding and out of line. I think I’ll listen to Kevin over the average disgruntled internet hater.

  • lu

    @ Alex, me and my buddies do the same. We usually wait for the results and wait and see if someone else wontt he race. If they did then we watch it, and if not screw it. MM is just too good man this season is over. Wait until his little bro comes up, wont be surprise if they take turns winning.

  • Shawn

    Aaron – I bet you get invited to all the best parties, don’t you? Geez you’re a downer.

    If you’ve come to hate MotoGP so much, then why are you still watching? So that you can come to a motorcycle website and complain, and then platter on about other sports?

  • Westward

    @ JS & Faust

    I am absolutely a Rossi fan, and yes I would love to see him not only win but win another championship. However, I have never read a post on A&R where someone thought Marquez didn’t deserve his wins. In fact Marquez is someone I have been watching since his Moto3 victory season. I unlike most, watch all three categories and think the racing in Moto2 and 3 are better.

    Yes, I am a fan of Marquez too. Just not more than Rossi. Heck, even Marquez is a Rossi fan.

    I have never jumped on the Lorenzo, Pedrosa, or Stoner bandwagons even though I am Ducatisti and reveled in his win in 2007. Personality goes a long way in anything, that is why Rossi, Marquez, and Simoncelli are and were such likeable people. Haters will hate, it’s what they do. I don’t hate any pilots (Pedrosa maybe, but no) I just don’t take any pleasure in watching them win. As for their fans, only the Stoner fans were a little crazy, but nothing really to hate them for.

    If it is not Rossi than Marquez is who I cheer for. They make Motogp fun and entertaining.

    Sorry that you guys are lacking something in your lives that you have to hate a general group of people for any reason, and if hate is a strong word, then lets just say a lack of admiration.

    Speaking for me personally, I have too much respect and general admiration for Rossi, Marquez, Dovi, Iannone, Rins, the Espargaro bros., Alex Marquez, and others to ever have enough energy to dislike anyone’s fan.

    Good, thing this is over the inter-web, or Rossi fan’s might end up like that Giants fan at a Dodger game.