The 2014 Indianapolis GP will be the last American race for Colin Edwards, as The Texan Tornado will be hanging up his spurs at the end of the MotoGP season. The help commemorate his departure from Grand Prix racing, Edwards has picked a special helmet and leather design for the Indy GP, and unsurprisingly, it has a military theme.

Edwards has always used the Indianapolis GP to debut his helmets that honor the branches and people of military service, and the American rider told us that this weekend’s camouflage livery is an homage to that tradition.

Saying goodbye to his home crowd on Sunday, the Texan will for sure also race at Silverstone and Valencia, though the rumor is that Alex de Angelis will rider the NGM Forward Yamaha at the rest of the year’s races.









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  • Westward

    I’m not typically into the whole camouflage theme, but that is kinda cool…

  • motogpdr

    perfect for NASTYCAR….not so certain for motogp…..

  • Jw

    He will have a great life and career when this is over. I hope he works with Wayne Rainey to bring young American talent into the sport.

  • paulus

    In my honest opinion… ugly and gimmicky.

  • Motogpdr

    Why not red, white and blue , Stars and Stripes?….not the uniform of war….or maybe he’s just sporting his proud turkey hunting garb?

  • M

    Have $$$
    will buy replica

  • In my honest opinion… ugly and gimmicky.

    Being not a fan of camo, I have to agree on the ugly part, but I don’t agree with gimmicky. Colin and Nicky both have a long history of acknowledging U.S. Military during the American rounds.

  • Shinigami

    Looks more like turkey hunter than Taliban hunter to me…

  • Westward

    I think some of you are missing the point, that camouflage pattern is better than most patterns I have seen on commercial of military garb. Sometimes I can barely see colin riding the bike…

  • B

    He’s acknowledging his country roots. We in the south are proud of it, and since we can’t wear the rebel flag, haha. But on a serious note, if I had the coin, I’d buy that. It’s very Texan.

  • clb

    Really, if you like it great and if you don’t, the cool as well. Camo doesn’t appeal to everyone, so it’s good, but it’s not gimmicky… it’s simply his way in the US to support the military as he always has and always will. It’s like saying Rossi’s is gimmicky… with the sun and moon on them, etc. It’s simply his design.

    I may not go out and buy them… but then again, with the right $$ flow, I might. :)

    Way to go Colin.. go enjoy your earned time away and don’t stay away from racing; even if it’s working for Michelin.

  • even if it’s working for Michelin

    It seems that Cuzari wants to find Colin a position within NGM Forward Racing. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? I wonder what the two of them are thinking. :)

  • Highside Specialist

    Colin Edwards ain’t care what you think. Long live Colin Edwards.