Video: Casey Stoner Testing the Honda RCV1000R

10/08/2013 @ 4:46 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


We have already brought you the report of Casey Stoner testing the 2014 Honda RC213V and HRC’s “production racer” machine, the Honda RCV1000R. And, we have already brought you a bevy of photos from that test. Well now, we are bringing you another little video action from Stoner’s recent GP test at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit — just for good measure.

Source: HRC

  • Pieter

    Am I incorrect in saying that the video was in fact about the production racer? It states that as Casey leaves the garage. Looking at the high res pics, the RC213V has Repsol branding on the fairing as well as the RC213V logo.

  • Pieter, you’re indeed correct. This is why I shouldn’t be posting at 4am. ;)

  • smiler

    Strewth it’s only a V4.

  • Prich

    I was never fond of Stoner’s demeanor off track, but I do miss seeing him swing a GP bike around the track.

  • Pieter

    That “production” racer looks insanely fast and sounds the part!! Can’t wait to see it on the grid next year!!

    Jensen, no worries, just checking my sanity as well!

  • L2C

    Why the ’70s cop show music? I kept waiting for Starsky & Hutch or CHiPs or SWAT or somebody to show up and stop the bad guys.

  • pooch

    F-me, @ 0:44 I think I had a brain jizz. Bike looks so horny in matte black I could cry for the fact I will never ride such a magnificent beast. Beautiful big flash from the exhaust under engine braking round one corner I noticed too. Come on Casey….. return, there’s a young upstart pup that needs a good box round the ears.

  • Hisham

    Who care about his “demeanor off track” for god sake. He is a motorcycle racer. The one who actually put racing 100% during race weekend. He doesn’t care about all the media/PR thingy. Give him any bike and he will TRY to make it competitive irregardless.

    Ok back to comment about this post. Please come back CS. The only racer I’m enjoying watching is JL and CC….

  • paulus

    Why run numbers on the bike?
    Keeping his ‘brand’ alive… strange tactic for a guy who will not return to racing ;)

  • Damn

    nakamoto always looks/seems interested about what casey has to say. and with casey as a test rider hrc get alot of feedback from a rider taking the bike to the limit. test riders are always to slow for acurate feedback. with mm and cs they get alot of good data.

    btw i think development from honda and yamaha were never so high as this year. both dont want to lose but due to injury i think honda wil take the title this year but im confident yamaha wil be hot next year after the fix the braking on the bike. its very close between honda and yamaha this year. without injury’s the battle for the title between these giants would end in the last corner in the last race. next year there are no honda/yamaha tracks anymore.

  • pooch

    Why put numbers on the bike ? Well, it’s a mark of respect. I’m fairly sure it’s not something that CAsey would have asked for. Honda loves Casey. Nakamoto credits Stoner with ‘waking up Honda Engineers’ and holds Casey in the highest regard.

    Hisham, I agree. So many people who call themselves racing fans slagging off Stoner for his ‘off track demeanour’ who gives a sh*t ? It’s about Racing, not the person. If you want to follow racer for his so called Personality, then go dress in yellow and join the Rossi clones, the cult of personality worshippers. Meh.

    I so want Lorenzo to win this year. Never thought I’d say that but MM93 shows no respect for anyone on the track. Didn’t in Moto2, and isn’t in MotoGP. He’s fast but he cares not who is on the racing line. People think that’s exciting but Stoner was that fast without being a douchebag to other riders.

    Anyone else see the video in Parc Ferme where Marquez denied touching Dani ? Even with a huge black streak on the forearm of his leathers, he lied to the world media. Then in the speeches he tried to lie again, but then recanted and admitted a touch. He is fast, young, but I do not like someone who so easily lies about his actions. It is not the mark of a sportsman.

  • TheSwede

    Too much pit box wankery and not enough track action, but still nice to see CS27 slinging it on a GP bike