MotoGP: Race Results from Phillip Island

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MotoGP Race Results from the Australian GP at Phillip Island, Australia:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 174.1 29’07.155
2 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 173.4 +6.936
3 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha 172.9 +12.344
4 Cal CRUTCHLOW Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 172.9 +12.460
5 Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 172.8 +12.513
6 Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 171.3 +28.263
7 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati Team Ducati 170.9 +32.953
8 Andrea IANNONE Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 170.7 +35.062
9 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 170.7 +35.104
10 Randy DE PUNIET Power Electronics Aspar ART 170.4 +37.426
11 Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar ART 169.6 +46.099
12 Colin EDWARDS NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 169.4 +48.149
13 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ignite Pramac Racing Ducati 169.2 +49.911
14 Hector BARBERA Avintia Blusens FTR 169.2 +49.998
15 Danilo PETRUCCI Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 168.4 +58.718
16 Luca SCASSA Cardion AB Motoracing ART 168.4 +58.791
17 Claudio CORTI NGM Mobile Forward Racing FTR Kawasaki 167.6 +1’08.105
18 Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport ART 165.8 +1’27.230
19 Lukas PESEK Came IodaRacing Project Ioda-Suter 165.5 +1’31.093
20 Hiroshi AOYAMA Avintia Blusens FTR 162.5 1 Lap
21 Damian CUDLIN Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 146.9 2 Laps
Bryan STARING GO&FUN Honda Gresini FTR Honda  – 0 Lap
Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda  – 0 Lap

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • JW


  • Will

    Dorna and Bridgestone need to figure their sh!t out. What a farce.

  • Gonzo

    Marquez got exuberant again, judging by the black flag ….Wonder what Staring did? Seems MM took an aggressive(reckless?) line after the bike change and almost caused an accident.

  • Frank

    @ Gonzo – the black flag was not for the re-entry from pit. It was for taking an extra lap beyond the 10 laps designated per tire by race direction. So many things wrong with this race and extending the speed limit on the pit lane out beyond the normal line made it more dangerous to re-enter the race. It also made it more difficult to enter the pits, as seen when Dani pulled a stoppy and still was penalized for exceeding 60 mph entering the pit lane.

    Dorna/race direction made the race more dangerous and they are the ones responsible for the potential for contact on MM’s re-entry. If you listened to the post race interview with Lorenzo- he said it was neither of their fault- the contact. He even admitted that he ran hot into the corner (which was only slightly different than his normal line) and that Marc DID NOT cross the pit line and entered the track safely and as race direction dictated. The situation was set up to be unsafe by moving the start line from pit lane back several meters. It was said that it was extended as a ‘safety measure’ per race direction. What a failure. This race was a joke. I liked some of the rider’s comments critical of no pre-race tire testing on the new surface at PI. Especially after WSBK had so many issues with tires earlier this year.

    This definitely makes the last two races more exciting, but it was a farce of a race. Dani said a moto race should be all out, one go, start to finish. Colin made a comment criticizing the black flag decision as well. Marc broke the rules for sure, but pit lane violations are usually dealt with either by losing 10 seconds (MM would have finished 3rd or 4th), or a ride through penalty, where he would have still been able to salvage points. I wonder if anyone who attended the race control meetings will come out and divulge the contents of the meeting. If it was explicit that riders violating the rule about designated pit laps ( laps 9 and 10) would be black flagged then that is one thing. Since the race was shortened twice, including – the day of the race itself, I doubt there was enough info for the teams to make concrete strategy. Huge blunder by HRC, but the circumstances were disgraceful. Moto2 and GP. Bridgestone and Dunlop both failed and race direction failed as well.

    Motegi is a Honda track so there is a chance it’s a Repsol 1-2, giving MM the championship- but this decision was unfortunate. For the race, for the fans and for the riders. Game on in Japan! I’m going to need the week to get my mind right after it was blown today.

  • Will

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. I just didn’t wanna type all that on my phone.

  • Marquez is a moron, a mental deficient…and I was a fan! To cross in front of a 200 MPH motorcycle shows that something is wrong in his brain.. Remember, he has had some head hits in his career.

    His glassy-eyed, boyish smile and riding ability have endeared him to the masses, myself included, but perhaps now we know that he is intellectually compromised. Amazing rider, yes, but something is wrong when one feels no regret after an obvious, near-death error.

    And why was Lorenzo so understanding? Am I wrong? He was coming out of pit lane, which is something these riders have no experience with, yes, but it just seemed odd that more wasn’t made of this.

  • Frank

    @ Mr. X – did you watch the race? If race direction had found Marc guilty of an infraction re-entering then he would have been penalized accordingly. He looked back as he approached the first line and JL and Dani couldn’t be seen at that point over the hill. He was rolling at 60 mph, Jorge at 200- the situation was unsafe. Had the pit-to-race line been where it usually is (meters back from where Marc was permitted to get on the gas) Marc would have entered safely ahead of JL. This was a folly of the tire manufacturers, Dorna and race direction (and HRC’s inexplicable misunderstanding of the rules). It’s really easy to sit back and type at 60 wpm and criticize riders risking their lives over 200 mph. Jorge too understanding? If anyone would have raised concern over that contact, it would have been Jorge. He called it what it was. If you were in those leathers, racing for a championship in the middle of a mess of a race, who knows what you would have done. Dani even said afterwards- everything happened so fast, I honestly don’t remember (paraphrasing in reference to the pit stop).

  • mxs

    LOL … yes you are wrong, because many people, including Lorenzo, thought it was a fair game. Actually Marquez was in front of him wherever the turn 1 starts taking place, Lorenzo just thought 93 would yield because his closing speed, but he didn’t …. that is one of the reasons why he’s fighting for the crown that young and others don’t and never will.

    Now, moving on to the more important point. And this is where “moron” or morons word should apply in your post. The people running DORNA are really retards. Whether 93 screwed up or not, or whether other 3 teams, which got black flagged, got the unclear rules wrong it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Dorna’s root cause (tires) blunder led to this farce.

    For most people this is the most favourite race/track to watch the whole year and what they were presented what was very short Moto2 race and much shorter MotoGP race with a huge controversy which could lead hypothetically to a lost world title. I mean really??

    Are the spectators getting their money back? What about teams dishing all these flyover costs, yet not getting to race full distance. I mean, everyone got shafted, except for Dorna.

    Really not worth watching this disgusting manipulation of a race and possibly a whole season.

  • Frank

    In the end, the race today wasn’t decided by RACING. That is the toughest part to swallow. Looking forward to next week. This championship just got GOOOOOD. At this point I just want the championship come down to passionate racing and all riders involved to finish the season healthy. Hopefully the only damage incurred from here on out is to the ego.

  • mxs


    I don’t think the directive or rule Dorna and race direction issued about the swap was very clear. Even the Eurosport guys have admitted that it was not overly detailed. If he was the only one black flagged, I could see this, but there were another two teams I believe whose rider got the black flag.

    Anyway water under the bridge …

  • Motogpdr

    What a joke…let them race! And how did this effect the maximum engine rules if two bike required? Dorna is even worse than Bernie in f1

  • damn

    why was jorge so nice? Jorge is realy smart!! marq is a big fool, a realy big fool. this time all the laugh was fake. he should get another penalty point for exiting pit straight to the race line, and on the video we could all see that he did see them comming. he was trying to scare, but after all the safety issue’s with mm and multiple riders complaining Jorge is the one who adapted best. afetr asking nice and being sarcastic nothing helps it seems so Jorge was very honest and he kept hi’s word “i have to ride like i did in 250cc” and he did. mm has woken jorge up and now Jorge aint holding back anymore!!! we could see it befor Jorge take every mm on track!!!! maybe a collarbone fracture suit’s mm just nice next race. hell mm being the next dani would suit him jsut fine

  • Tanker Man

    What a farce. What a dog and pony show. I don’t blame the riders. Dorna and Bridgestone should be penalized. They should be black flagged.

  • SBPilot

    So now I’d like to hear all those “Dorna loves MM and will do anything for him” MM haters comment.

    This was absolute BS, black flag? how can they make that decision so quickly. Pit violations have never ever in any series mean immediate DQ. This is a f****** joke.

    And it’s true what Nakamoto was arguing, he came in on lap 10, before it was completed, that’s how they translated the rule.

    I’m not an MM lover, but this is real disjustice to him. Like Frank said, a 15 second penalty, or if they wanted to use that points system, let him start at the back of the grid at Motegi. But to DQ? that’s not a joke, that’s 50 points forfeited to Lorenzo.

    Honda better appeal this with all their might. This is not racing.

  • TexusTim

    well I think faced with what was happening to the tires in f1/2/3.. I dont know what else they could have done.
    maybe get stoner to do a race simulation after the repave?? but at the moment of the race, shortening and making a tire change was the right decision…didnt make for a good race but definetly an interesting one.
    so marquez team thought in on lap 11 and that would be okay ? um it was clearly “no more than 10 laps on a rear slick” hell I got that before the race started and I cant spell good…lol
    Now for the really fun stuff… can Mr Marquez still be facing a riders penalty point for the way he came back on the track after the tire change?…I hope they do!! this will mean marquez starts at the rear of the grid in motegi and that will just about even up the score and then I would be fine with whoever wins the championship…so glad they black flagged him.. one more slap down for the kid and I think he might have something to reflect on over the winter escpecally if his actions end up losing him the championship that acording to him was not an excpecation this year anyway..maybe that’s why he can walk around laughing in his pits after he gets blacked flagged and gives up 25 precious points with only 2 rounds left.

  • KSW

    Wow! I DVR’d that and watched it twice. Can’t say I got a copy of the rule change or have read it if there is one
    regarding the penalty for exceeding the 10 laps. If the rule change said BF then BF it is. Personally I think when MM had the near off on that lap it confused him and he became so focused at making up ground he forgot about the pit requirement. Whatever the case it shows immaturity. As for the reentry again I think it is a lack of respect and I’ll say that because it seems clear that MM knows Lorenzo and Pedrosa are coming and why would he think Jorge was going to in any way yield to him after the recent incidents MM has put himself in? You’d want to have his crazy arse behind Dani. MM should really have excepted as part of his penalty for pitting a lap late (otherwise he’d not be in that position) and come up strong on Dani’s rear tire and get on with it professionally. I’ve watched many races with pits and you have to be smart and respectful both or things can and do happen.

    Man, I loved the bike swap and what it add’s to the race. It’s about the closest thing to real road racing you’ll ever see in MotoGP. Want to add something to the racing that makes it more competitive and creates racing on track? Require that every pit for tires requires a bike change. Fuel tank full and the variable in weight would be when you decided to pit and the resulting laps remaining to burn off that fuel for speed later. It could be the last race I shot was the Le Mans 24 Moto but man that little pit stops makes good images, TV, drama, …..


  • ???mxs:
    I’m willing to consider others’ opinions, but when I asked, “Am I wrong?” I was being hypothetical. In fact, the statistical likelihood of my being incorrect is depicted by a decimal followed by any number of several zeroes before the first number. Even less likely would it be when- as in this case- I opine on a topic of which I am so familiar.

    Let’s look at US tracks for references you may be better able to visualize. Pulling out onto the track at the Philip Island MotoGP would be like pulling out of pit lane and onto the main straight at Road America, but with the distance from the end of pit lane to turn one more like Laguna Seca, or even Mid Ohio.
    While we don’t often do that in professional racing in the US, for anyone who has raced at that level, at those tracks (as I have many times) the thought of heading so toward the apex in that short of a distance and into traffic at the speed we saw in the race this weekend would be considered frighteningly absurd. You probably get away with it where the guys in question are hyper-sentient, 120lb, 20-something Spaniards on factory starships. Seldom elsewhere. Those kids don’t scare, so there are rules to keep them from staining track and branding.

    Marquez’s poor judgement had the potential for a fatality, largely because of the disparity in speed. I can’t fault errors nor would I presume to judge his god-like skills. Nevertheless, Marquez has got a look in his eye and a drooling smile like the kids on the short bus. Sum Ting is Wong. Fastest rider on earth this year, but missing a lobe. If Stoner were on the other side of the garage he’d have poisoned the kid by now.

    In the future, mxs, you should always assume that I am quite correct…. I am Mr. X

  • Will

    I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the new surface rendered the Bridgestone rear useless after only 10 laps. I know there is a safety margin in there, but seriously?! How did Bridgestone get is so wrong? What is normal race distance, 21 or so laps? Dorna has made this series such a mockery of what it used to be…like Ive said before Bring back 2004 and I’ll be happy. Other than the first 2 or so laps this wasn’t a race, it was an F1 race like a couple years ago. Parade with a pit stop.

  • mxs

    Mr. X:

    I don’t care who you are and where you raced to be honest with you, but you seem to have quite a thing for 120lb Spaniards. What have they done to you personally?

    You have no evidence or clue what Stoner would have done if he was on the other Honda. Just plain speculation of course on your end. Probably nothing, considering how little deal it was to everyone else who actually was there, contrary to yourself.

    Interestingly, you keep talking how the kid was wrong and his move dangerous… if you you are so concerned about racers’ well being, why don’t you mention at least one word about Dorna who has created the whole situation. No harsh words for them, only for the kid???

    Until then, I will always assume you are wrong …. hope you don’t mind.

  • Frank

    @ msx:

    totally agreed. That’s what I was getting at with the race direction meeting. Only those who were there can attest to what was said and what rules were put in place. Clearly- it wasn’t clear. HRC is not a bunch of hack idiots. At first- I figured Marc made the mistake but when it became clear that it was HRC’s strategy all along then clearly the rules were not communicated well at all.

    @ damn- you should relax. You are calling for the injury of a rider. That is the last thing that anyone should wish for in this championship battle. People will choose their sides but the last thing that any of us should be hoping for is physical misfortune for any rider.

    And for those of us claiming Marquez was dangerous leaving pit lane, answer me this: If this was a straight race, like advertised, as all MotoGP races are billed and should be – would there have been an incident at all? Race direction was dealt a short hand thanks to Bridgestones’ failure to arrive with tires that could withstand race distance and in response, made the race situation more dangerous by extending the speed limit on pit lane. Had the race gone on as it should have, MM would have won. He was closing on JL in the first 10 laps and pulled 6 tenths back on him the lap before he was black flagged. Did anyone see the 2 mistakes Jorge made on the track? He missed a gear change in the Honda switchback and Marc did well to miss him standing up in between corners. Jorge even mentioned that likelihood in his post-race interview. ‘Marc was in second, maybe would have finished first.’ He was the faster rider Sunday. Jorge was faster on Saturday. Marc was faster Sunday. The faster rider generally wins the race, save rider error. Marc made one- based on the unclear rules. He was black flagged. For all of you MM haters- there is your vindication you have blood-lusted for. It was hardly fair, but you’ve got it. Unsafe pit exit…?!?! REALLY!?!?! that was the fault of race direction. what the hell did they think was going to happen with a tiny pit lane and a 2 lap window to pit?!?! And most notably extending the speed limit line beyond the normal pit exit line! Marc would have been through the corner had they not moved the entry line closer to the race line. This was a race direction manufactured incident. PERIOD.

    Now what we have is a very different picture for the championship that was not a result of racing, but of a ridiculous farce of a race no matter who you cheer for. Let’s all be stoked that we have 2 more races to look forward to and hopefully those races are not decided by anything other than the racing itself.

  • “It also made it more difficult to enter the pits, as seen when Dani pulled a stoppy and still was penalized for exceeding 60 mph entering the pit lane. ”

    No, Dani was penalized for crossing the line on pit exit. It said so both on-screen and was stated in the post-race press conference.

    “Marquez is a moron, a mental deficient…and I was a fan! To cross in front of a 200 MPH motorcycle shows that something is wrong in his brain.. Remember, he has had some head hits in his career.”

    JL stated that he made a mistake under braking and took a different line than usual. Marquez was taking the normal line to re-enter the race from the pits. Could MM have been a little more careful? Perhaps, but had JL not made a mistake entering the corner, there may not have been contact. Alas, we’ll never know.

    It seems that none of the tire manufacturers actually care to test their tires. Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone have all be guilty this year. It’s inexcusable.

  • Frank

    @ Mr.X – you okay broah?! Holy moly… it’s going to be ok. Maybe MM wins the championship next week and if that happens, you can rant and speak out against his ‘mental opacity.’ It won’t change the fact that he is the fastest rider on earth and will be next year. If something unfortunate happens and he DNFs again, then Jorge can claim the lead in the championship. Were that to happen it won’t ever feel quite right. 43 points ensured that cushion prior to this result. That cushion is gone and let’s get it straight, MM didn’t get beaten racing this day. Bizarre circumstances have brought us to where we are now. Denying the inevitability of MM93 is like the obstinate frustration of the older generation refusing to let go of the order of power. The torch has been passed. Watch the racing and enjoy it or prepare yourself for years of frustration.

  • Frank

    @ Trane Francks – 10-4 on the correction on Dani’s penalty. My mistake. Thanks for catching it.

  • Snaefell

    I have to agree with Trane Francks and Frank completely here. Race direction and the championship as a whole take the biggest hit. There were many mistakes that led up to this farce at one of the best rounds of the calendar. First, it shows the flaws of a control tire at the championship level, as has pointed out. It is inexcusable for the top championship in the world to have to break up the race as a flag-to-flag due to safety concerns about the tires due to lack of experience with the resurfaced track and lack of tire data.

    Also, how does a black flag for rider/team for breaking a “rule” that has not existed before this weekend and is one-off for the tire situation equate to fairness? Applying the black flag for a team/rider mistake (no equipment failure or unsafe riding or un-sportman-like action having occured) on a one-off rule sets a horrible precedent for the future and the future use of the black flag in MotoGP. Penalty points or time penalty seems more appropriate, not an immediate DQ.

    And why even let the riders who pitted outside the window re-enter the circuit after the late pit and bike change?

    And how is Dani Pedrosa forfeiting a position (for crossing line on pit exit) to someone (Marquez, who race direction KNOWS is black flagged to be DQ-ed) act as a fair punishment? The changing of the pit entry speed-limit line and pit exit blend line adds to the ridiculousness.

    This little rant will not make a difference in the championship, but it was painful to watch unfold in a championship that we love.

  • JW

    Seems that whenever there is greatness there is an equal degree of naysayers, opposition and haters about MM. This season, no matter how it ends, will be one of the most enjoyable for me as a spectator in many years. MM has ruffled some feathers here, yes but no more than VR ever did. I for one think the BF was too harsh a judgement for the crime he committed today by MM. So now MM and JL have had an equal amount of bad luck this season. May the better man win..

  • Mariani

    Good, good, we now got a taste of the purely artificial racing that Formula 1 has become.


    I’m surprised that anyone would think that the bike-swapping added anything meaningful to the race.

    I should compare it with having tyres deliberately made to fade away quickly, or movable aerodynamics, or extra electric engines.

    Again, that was purely artificial.


  • 2ndclass

    They had to come in at the end of either lap 9 or lap 10, seems to be pretty cut and dried to me. And that was a perfectly fair black flag. They were told clearly it was a safety issue, and Marquez stayed out on tyres that were doing this:

  • TexusTim

    no one doubts marquez skills….. his judgement and lack of maturity is something ,he’s good but I would like to see dani pull this out somehow..I’ll never forget how lorenzo patted dani on the back after his win in Malaysia…I see lorenzo in a totaly different light these days. dani too, both guys have changed so much over the years. rossi is rossi give him an outside shot at the podium and he will become as wide as a bus…alltogether not that bad a race at all.

  • SBPilot

    @TexusTim, you are a true MM hater. Every comment you have slags him. You do realize he’s only 20, what the hell kind of maturity and judgement did you have back then? Were you a book worm studious type who never socialized? If so, then perhaps I see why you say what you say. The kid is exactly that, a kid. A man matures exponentially between 20 and 27 (what Jorge and Dani are now). You love to talk about those two and how “mature” they are. They are nearly a decade older than Marquez.

    You fail to understand the fact that a 20 year old is still a kid. A typical 20 year old just enters University, a freshman, and we all know what we did back then in our freshmen years. Unless of course you are the nerd who did nothing.

    You’re the typical person who finds dirt to throw at a celebrity because once someone is famous, you expect them to be perfect. Go back to reading your tabloids.

  • jet

    Racing fans pay dearly for those high jacking ticket prices and then get’s boned for a shorted race because the tire cant go more than 10 laps ! would you guys be ok w/ this even if it was for the saftey of the rider’s ? Saftey 1st right.It should have been 20 laps w/ an option to come in between 10 and 15 in my opinion.Mr MM will be back next week to get his revenge after a hand slapper…

  • Kev71

    If I am not mistaken this track was resurfaced in December. Ten months and DORNA and Bridgestone could not get their act together enough to run tests? However, they did go to South America to test on a track for next year.

    Can DORNA hold Bridgestone accountable? Is there anything in the contract that will somehow punish Bridgestone for this? It seems the tires are becoming more of a story than the race itself. Bikes seem to have to be developed around the tires (Ducati), Hondas work better with the Bridgestone tire, while the Yamaha “falls off” as the race goes on.

    Does anyone know the specifics of the contract with Bridgestone? How many more years? How much $?

    On another note… Fox sports 1 sucks! Those clowns have a 19 lap race and still choose to skip showing some laps as well as have that moron Gavin Emmet (sp?) talk for a minute or 2 after commercials. They have 10-15 mins. Of pre-race crap when they should be showing the race. They miss the best racing for 4th-6th to show someone’s ass from Lorenzo’s crew and his team manager cheering. Who the hell wants to see them? I was hoping Fox would be an upgrade from SPEED but it clearly is not. It is slowly getting worse. I am getting the motogp package next year even though it goes into the pockets of those pricks at DORNA.

    On a pleasant note. BeIn Sports coverage of world sbk has been excellent. Showing qualifying as well as super sport races.

    Oh and as for MM, he brings excitement to the championship but he is overly dangerous at times. I actually like him and enjoy his racing; however, he is only 20 and will make mistakes more seasoned veterans may not make in the same position. Perhaps that was why DORNA instituted “the rookie rule” in the first place. I wonder if there would have been these problems had they kept it?

    Finally….Rossi on podium again! I’ll take it any way I can get it. Hayden as highest scoring Ducati…. LOVE IT! Crutchlow sucking hind tit on the hog…..AWESOME! Edwards….. RETIRE WITH DIGNITY WHILE YOU STILL HAVE SOME! Pedrosa… You mean you just couldn’t push a little harder when you knew you were in second…. that’s why you’ll never be champ! Bautista… Way to keep it on 2 wheels and not crash out…. You are getting better. Dovi… You are getting worse.

    Feel free to tear each and every comment I make to shreds… But seriously, can someone find out he details of the tire contract?

  • Ray

    Time to drop the spec tire rule. The tire manufacturers should be competing against each other, and should be able to design a tire that works best with a particular rider, bike and track. It makes no sense to me that the teams are spending millions on the best riders and latest tech, and they show up at the track not knowing what $500 tire will connect them to the track! They’re at the mercy of a tire manufacturer who may favor a certain bike, or maybe they’re too lazy to test their tires.

    Someone please explain the logic of the spec tire.

  • “Someone please explain the logic of the spec tire.”

    The basic idea of the spec tire is to save money and to level the playing field, thereby generating engineering challenges for the various manufacturers by making them build to the tire rather than letting the tire compensate for the quirks of the bike. I imagine that the tire costs being fixed for each team do, in fact, save money, but with the tire manufacturers, i.e., Dunlop and Bridgestone, not adequately testing their tires for the season, it’s just not working as well as it should.

    Pirelli have faced similar problems in WSBK and in F1. I don’t specifically have a problem with a spec-tire rule, but it’s simply not acceptable to have safety compromised by a lack of testing, either by striving to save money or by dumb rules (in the case of F1) that disallows testing at most of the circuits with current-spec cars.

  • damn

    no not realy. i just wanna cheer like the mm fans at jerez etc etc. So mm has woken jorge and now i wanna cheer the way mm fans do. So i can say what a whinner this is racing. and already mm/honda fans are screaming jorge penalty jorge penalty and its so funny to read the comments from them. suddenly you cant pull a move like that, but befor it was all normal. SEE. i just wanna cheer to!! nothing more. PLAY it ROUGH jorge

  • TexusTim

    I was a Marquez fan untill aragon, then I decided not to be. up untill then I was pulling for him and very forgiving of some of his “mistakes” but the way he “dogged” pedrosa and eventually caused him to crash and lose any real shot at the championship not so much…it was un called for as the kid was probably going to win it anyway…sometimes when something comes to you easily to you dont appreceate the moment or how ot may apeear to it not seeing the forrest for the trees. but he really doesnt get the breadth or serousness of whats he is doing and I just think he needs a little more punishment, as I said..”after you give up a round for a blag flag..have no room to give up a riders peanlty point, you do go laughing about it all in your pits right after it happens…just one example of many this rookie year..we will see how he matures

  • TexusTim

    hey the return to that track after the mandatory change was unsafe..his tires were cold and two riders were comming in to that corner hot…not the best place for a pit out but they all had the same situation he just wanted to get out in front of them…if they would have gone down and of course marquez (unknown to him at the momnet was dq..just think of the drama cuz maybe all three would have crashed and bike to rider contact is the worst injury…just food for thought.

  • “I was pulling for him and very forgiving of some of his “mistakes” but the way he “dogged” pedrosa and eventually caused him to crash”

    To be precise, the Honda having a single TC sensor with exposed wiring was what caused Pedrosa to crash. It was a freak incident. If you listen to Livio Suppo discuss the incident, he states that Pedrosa took a strange line into the corner and that contributed to Marquez outbraking himself. Had any single element of the situation gone differently, Pedrosa would not have high-sided.

    I think it’s extremely important to evaluate MM’s performance for what he is: a rookie. I can’t remember the last time a rookie has been held to such microscopic evaluation and high standards. It’s as though the fact that he’s so good disallows him making the errors one would expect a rookie to make.

  • Mr.X

    While it’s too bad that Dorna has made MotoGP The Spanish Championship, you get what you pay for, and the Spaniards bought MotoGP, fair and square, and they buy it every year. When Google starts writing checks that fat we’ll have more Americans on the grid, but we don’t – per capita- care.

    They (Dorna) also do a great job with it. Mistakes are made all the time, in every thing, but MotoGP stays cool and entertaining. Yes, I’d like to see what Josh Hayes could do, but he’s got no curb appeal, and they are running a business. I think Hayes could be an Alien, as could have Mladin, perhaps. We’ll never know.

  • SBPilot

    ” I can’t remember the last time a rookie has been held to such microscopic evaluation and high standards. It’s as though the fact that he’s so good disallows him making the errors one would expect a rookie to make.”

    Bang on – it’s all media. Because he’s so good at riding, he has to be perfect at it. You can’t slag MM for his personality, his willingness to talk to media, his smile, so the media has to find something. The media’s constant ultra critical analysis on him causes the public to also believe he must be perfect.

    Once someone has become famous/successful, layman expect them to be perfect (literally). This is why tabloids exist, layman love to see/read about celebrities (or anyone with higher social status) screwing up equally as much if not more than seeing them do well.

  • If you watched the tire problems and lap number changes being made during qualifying and testing you knew it was going to be bullshit race, but Jesus, what an unsafe travesty. As for Lorenzo and Yamaha, not much to be proud of in this victory.

    As I said early in the season, the Bridgestone tires are garbage. But the primary problem at Phillip Island is the track, one giant high speed left hand corner which overheats the left side of the tire to the point of failure. Doubtful whether any current tire being produced could handle that track on these bikes. It’s a bad track for motorcycle racing specifically for this reason, and a bad choice especially for Moto GP.

    As for Marquez, you knew they were going to get him one way or another, the establishment doesn’t like anybody who’s too fast or too free. His aggression is matched only by his skill, and no one else in racing today can match either. He, and/or his team, made a mistake and the rules weasels pummeled him for it. Why? Because they could.

    You know who is most thankful for their decision, who will benefit most from that little slipup and the black flag? The betting houses and the bookies around the world. Of course that’s just a coincidence… right?

    It doesn’t matter to me who takes the trophy at the end of this season, I know who the best rider in the world is, as does everybody else who paid attention to Moto GP this year – whose TV ratings are way up by the way, and we all know who’s responsible for that, and it sure fuck isn’t Dani (the donkey) Pedrosa. Whatever you may think of Marquez and his style, the kid is the best there is. Those who doubt me… suck (corporate) cock by choice. :)