Aprilia Debuts Augmented Reality Helmet for MotoGP

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While the launch of the Ducati’s Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine and leaked photos of the Ducati Panigale V4 dominated the news on Thursday, Aprilia Racing was quietly changing the sport of motorcycle racing, as it debuted an augmented reality helmet that its mechanics will wear in MotoGP.

Aprilia has partnered with DAQRI and Realmore to make the augmented reality helmet come to fruition – DARQI is making the hardware, while Realmore is responsible for the software.

As followers of augmented reality (AR) tech may already have guessed, Aprilia Racing’s AR helmet will allow its mechanics to visualize and share information, overlaid on what is occurring in the pit box.

Aprilia Racing sees two major scenarios where using augmented reality could be of benefit. The first would be using the AR helmet, which includes a thermal camera, to visualize information and telemetry data in real-time while working on the motorcycle.

For example, while looking at the brake disc, a mechanic can see when the brake disc was installed on the race bike, how many sessions it has gone through, and if there are any notes about the brake disc that have been made in the past.

The other scenario is to use the AR helmet when the motorcycle isn’t there, with the AR helmet to displaying a 3D model of the Aprilia RS-GP race bike.

This can allow the team to visualize strategies in the pit box, and to check and set telemetry and service notes for later use.

The hope is that the AR helmet will speed-up how Aprilia Racing works in the garage, being able to share and access information more effectively.

It’s not clear when we will see the AR helmet being used in the MotoGP paddock, but the system seems pretty close to being ready for primetime.

Source: Aprilia

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