Development Underway for Triumph Motocross & Enduro Bikes

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We were expecting Triumph to debut a line of dirt bikes today, after teasing on social media the involvement of Motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and five-time Enduro World Champion Iván Cervantes.

But instead, we realize now that we got a tease of a teaser, with the British brand simply announcing that work is underway to bring motocross and enduro dirt bikes to Triumph’s lineup. That’s a bit of a disappointment…

While it feels like we were getting a strung-on a bit by the folks from Hinckley, the news that Triumph is getting into the dirt bike business is certainly a big move for the brand.

Triumph says that it plans on getting into top-tier racing in both the motocross and enduro segments, which surely means that we will see at least 450cc four-stroke bikes from the brand, and likely 250cc four-strokes as well.

Whether the Brits will also develop two-stroke models and other engine displacement sizes remains to be seen, but we do know that Triumph has enlisted help from Carmichael and Cervantes for this endeavor.

“Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Triumph brand, which everyone at Triumph is incredibly excited to be part of,” said Nick Bloor, CEO of Triumph Motorcycles.

“We are 100% committed to making a long-lasting impact in this highly competitive and demanding world, with a single-minded ambition to deliver a winning motorcycle line-up for a whole new generation of Triumph riders.”

What will be interesting to watch in the coming months is Triumph’s pivot from an on-road (and dual-sport brand) into something more focused on hardcore dirt riding as well.

Will Triumph dealerships be able to connect with MX and enduro riders? And, will Triumph’s first offerings in this space be as potent as the competition’s? Only time will tell.

Source: Triumph