Honda XR650R Supermoto by VMX Restomod

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The “Big Red Pig” (as it is affectionately known) is a stalwart in Honda’s dirt bike lineup.

That is to say, the Honda XR650 has gone relatively unchanged over the past 20 years, and yet the big 644cc thumper has a loyal, loyal following.

In the US market, we have lost the “R” spec machine, but the XR650L continues on, as a plated dual-sport that comes in a mild, yet reliable tune.

So, when VMX Restomod cranked the bike up to 11 in order to make it into a proper street-legal supermoto, it got our attention.

Done-up tastefully, the XR650R makes for an attractive supermoto package. It helps that the dirt bike’s bulky and square lines, which were outdated even when they debuted two decades ago, have given way to something more modern and aggressive.

There is no shortage of go-fast parts on this Big Red Supermotard, as well.

As such, we find Beringer brakes with an iron rotor, KYB forks but with an Öhlins shock on the rear.

A similar Frankenstein system is seen on the exhaust, with a Yoshimura silencer, but with an FMF powerbomb header. Where the rubber meets the road, we find Michelin tires of the 17-inch variety.

An adjustable triple clamp offset is another extra tasty addition, and we can spot more than a few smart applications of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum.

Other items of note are the cold air intake on the left hand side of the bike, with a carbon fiber Tekmo guard a custom aluminum airbox. The custom aluminum fuel tank is a work of art as well.

No word on what the rolling mass looks like, but we’re sure it’s under the listed 346 lbs curb weight for the XR650L.

Source: VMX Restomod (Facebook) via Rocket Garage