Zero Motorcycles Debuts New Zero SR at EICMA

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Every year, the electric motorcycle lineup from Zero Motorcycles grows up a little bit more, both in terms of product evolution and in terms of technology advancement.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that for 2014 Zero Motorcycles once again has something for enthusiasts: the Zero SR, which builds off the company’s Zero S electric motorcycle, and features 67hp, 106 lbs•ft of torque, and a 102 mph top speed.

The Zero SR achieves this through its new 660 amp controller, which that provides 24% more power and 56% more torque than the controller on the Zero S.

With 11.4 kWh on board the Zero SR, Zero Motorcycles also has an additional “Power Pack” 2.8 kWh battery option, which boosts city range from 137 miles to 171 miles, and highway range from 70 miles to 88 miles.

Those numbers are starting to put Zero Motorcycles in a good place for what consumers are looking for in an electric motorcycle, and we are happy to see that the company has spent more time on its product’s fit and finish.

Gone are the machine shop project kickstands, wood block brakes, and bicycle suspension pieces, and in their place are real motorcycle components that you would find on any other serious two-wheel OEM.

From a visual standpoint, the design of the Zero SR doesn’t stray too far from where Zero Motorcycles has taken the Zero S, which means it won’t be winning any beauty pagents anytime soon, but with the refinements that are present on the Zero SR’s lines, as well as the other machines in Zero’s 2014 lineup, the bike is certainly no dog either.

The 2014 Zero SR, and the rest of the 2014 Zero Motorcycles range, should start coming out of the Zero’s Santa Cruz, California factory in January 2014, with pricing set at $16,995 ($19,490 with the Power Pack) for the American market.










Source: Zero Motorcycles