zecOO: An Electric Maxi-Scooter from Japan

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The maxi-scooter scene in Japan borders on the lunatic fringe, as the two-wheeled segment is over-saturated with trendy young riders, as full-size motorcycles are too prohibitively expensive for 20-somethings in the island nation. This has created a vibrant tuner and modder community for scooters in Japan, which has spurred some of the most audacious builds we have ever seen. It doesn’t surprise us then to see the zecOO from Kota Nezu of Znug Design.

It would be one thing that the Japanese firm made a low-riding maxi-scooter that features a single-sided and hub-center steering front-end, but the kicker is that the zecOO is an electric scooter as well. Packing a modest 28hp and 47 lbs•ft of torque, the zecOO isn’t going to win any speed contests, though it is on par with the production electric motorcycles currently available from Brammo and Zero.

What we think riders will really be drawn to (or disgusted, if you are some of our more inside-the-box readers) is the zecOO’s striking design that Nezu envisioned. The only thing we don’t like? The ubiquitous HUGE rear sprocket, which is becoming all-too common place on electrics that do not have a gear reduction.

zecOO CADs & Design Photos:

zecOO Prototype:

Source: zecOO