Part of Yamaha’s 2016 EICMA show program includes a nod to the future, teasing us today with the Yamaha T7 concept. Picking up the torch where the Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré left off, the Yamaha T7 concept uses the same 270° parallel-twin engine found in the Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07 street bike.

Yamaha has wrapped that stout twin-cylidner engine in a brand new chassis that is suited for dual-spot riding, and hopes to focus its efforts on offering a middleweight adventure-tourer that is high on off-road brapping, and low on electronic wizardry.

This should appease those who complain about ADV bikes being too road focused and sophisticated for true adventure riding, and Yamaha hopes to use the T7 concept to develop a bike that meets this ethos, and is suitable for production, but also capable of proper rally raid riding.

As such, the Yamaha T7 is a fully functional prototype, and it is being developed with help from the Official Rally Team in France, Yamaha R&D in Italy, and GK Design in The Netherlands.

Featuring an aluminum fuel tank, four-project LED headlight, KYB fork suspension, carbon fiber fairing and skid plate, and a custom Akrapovič exhaust, the Yamaha T7 concept should morph into a production model in 2018.

That sounds pretty good to us. How about you?




















Source: Yamaha

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  • Paulo

    Holy Toledo…….ADVrider might blow the servers with all theses bikes debuting!!

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Weight is gonna be a big factor for this bike. Hopefully 450 lbs or less.

  • David

    If they get a production model remotely close, this is so so so so high on my list of wants.


    White pants

  • Cru Jones

    I’m not usually a “Yamaha” guy, but that looks the business.

  • Neil__S

    exciting bike! a year from now we will all be reading the obvious comparison test to the AfricaTwin…

  • paulus

    Nice. If the price stays in the current Yamaha sweet spot then this will be a big model. I like it a lot… big enough to tour, small enough to take off-road on more than fire trails.

  • Kojo5000

    If its not a specialized, I won’t ride it.

  • Benji

    If the production version is anywhere close to this they have my money.

  • Gary

    Keep it light boys and you might have a winner.

  • Spinman

    I hope this is close to the production version! It looks light and it looks like what I and alot of other people would build. Minimal plastic and supporting subframe would be nice. We don’t need 30 pounds of plastic and supporting subframe! I think most of us want a bigger WR250, not some bloated thing. Otherwise, I’m really disappointed this is not the production version. It needs light weight LED lighting with minimalistic plastic, not some overstyled robo looking plastic. Make it simple like a racer and you will eat KTM’s lunch! (financially speaking).
    The single front disc is a nice touch and should roll over to production; simplicity, cost, and lighter unsprung weight. Why do we need dual discs for and ADV bike?

  • Bob K

    I like everything about this bike and agree with most of what you say but the subframe. I want to take this to far away remote places under it’s own power for 2 weeks at a time. I don’t want to trailer it to the trailhead like I would my enduro bike. I want the subframe to reliably handle some throw-over luggage and a tent and bedroll without breaking while bouncing around rough terrain. Perhaps make it capable of handling a rally style auxillary fuel tank or rotopax and a top mount rack so this can go everywhere a big GS can go…and can’t.

    Dual discs on an adv bike? For over 200# bastards like me and lots of stuff strapped on. Honestly just make single the disc bigger on this and it will be fine.

  • Spurdog1

    The MT/FZ 07 that the engine comes from is 400lbs so this should be lightweight. Maybe less than the XTZ660!

  • Ryan Donahue

    As a dirt bike gaper; this sort of bike appeals to me. It’s not a behemoth like some of the quasi-dirt adventure bikes currently available. It looks about perfect for those Backcountry Discovery Routes.

  • Bruce Steever
  • TD

    If Yamaha can keep it under 400 lbs, with a 5+ gallon tank, keep the good suspension bits, leave off all the electro-doodads, and put some mounting studs for panniers on it, SOLD!

  • Spinman

    Amen, weight is the enemy, I’d rather pay a few $ more upfront than try to take weight off after I buy. The Africa twin is good, but this is so much better! More like a real dirt bike that is Road capable!

  • Doubtful Guest

    Yep. I live in the city, but want to RIDE to the backcountry, not drive.

  • Andrew Barry

    I love it. I want something I can’t take my Multistrada to and I don’t want to trailer it everywhere. But in order to ride it 10 hrs a day to get to the mountains, I’d need some sort of throttle lock, preferably electronic cruise control, designed so that if it breaks, you are not stranded. With ride by wire throttles there is no excuse for not having it. I chose my last bike shortlisting to those with Cruise Control. My right hand has suffered too much from monotonous engine vibes, and previous hand surgery doesn’t help.

  • Andrew Barry

    except I want cruise control for the highway so I can arrive at the interesting bits with feeling in my throttle hand,

  • Ayatollyahso

    Yup: a wr450R dual sport would do it for me too…