Yamaha R6 RACE Now Available for Your Supersport Track Fix

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If there is a silver lining at all to the news that the Yamaha YZF-R6 is being discontinued at the end of 2020 for the European and American markets, it is that a version of the bike will at least be offered for interested track riders.

The newly named Yamaha R6 RACE is pretty much exactly what you think it would be – a track-kitted version of the current Yamaha YZF-R6 sport bike.

So far, it seems that the Yamaha R6 RACE is just a European offering, but we have a line into Yamaha Motor USA to see if they will be following suit.

There is also no word on pricing yet for this track-only machine, but considering the extensive GYTR kit that comes with the Yamaha R6 RACE, we are expecting a bit of a premium over the street bike’s stick price.

We do know that European dealers will have the 2021 Yamaha R6 RACE available starting in January 2021.

For those interested, the GYTR kit for the Yamaha R6 RACE consists of the following: 

  • GYTR race cowling set
  • Akrapovic full race system
  • GYTR ECU set
  • GYTR wire harness set
  • GYTR on/off switch
  • GYTR Interface cable
  • GYTR AIS plug set
  • GYTR ABS emulator
  • GYTR keyless fuel cap
  • GYTR seat cushion
  • Stainless steel brake line set for front and rear
  • Front brake lever guard
  • GYTR fully adjustable race rear set with optional reverse shifting kit
  • Rear sprocket guard (shark fin)
  • Sprocket drive 14T fits 520 chain conversion
  • Rear sprocket, 45 fits 520 chain conversion
  • Sprocket nut set for 520 conversion
  • DID gold race chain 520 conversion
  • Rear paddock stand hooks
  • Paddock stand

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe