Yamaha YZF-R25 Launch Outed by Website Metadata

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It is a brave new world when it comes to the internet and motorcycle companies, and I have no problem saying that Asphalt & Rubber has broken a number of stories simply because we bring a different set of skills to the table when it comes to sniffing out a lead: namely we’re a bunch of nerds, who spend far too much time with computers.

Motorcycle OEMs are still coming to grasp with this internet thing and how the opening of information has changed the landscape, and that is where Yamaha got itself into trouble today. Just hours ahead of their launch, we can confirm that Yamaha is ready to drop the Yamaha R25 250cc sport bike and the Yamaha Tricity three-wheel scooter.

This isn’t exactly new information — it has even been hotly tipped by a number of publications, including A&R — but where the information comes from certainly is: Yamaha’s website metadata.

Website site metadata, like keywords are nothing new — they were part of the very first iterations of HTML. The original intent for these keywords was to help search engines categorize content; though many years later since their inception, the metadata is now pretty much defunct in application. Google and other search rely almost exclusively on other parts of a site’s content to categorize and prioritize the website’s information.

That didn’t stop Yamaha’s web developers from leaving a few choice items in the metadata for its RevStation website though, which is now counting down the hours until Yamaha’s official launch for the R25 and Tricity. Naming both machines as keywords for the launch site, we only have to countdown the hours to be proven correct.

The big trick now will be to see if Yamaha’s US/EU trademark applications for the “R3” mean a different 300cc model is headed to these markets, while the “world market” makes do with the 250cc R25.

Source: Team BHP via