Yamaha OR2T Concept – Four Wheels of Leaning Fury

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We have been talking a lot lately about the Yamaha MWT-9, the three-wheel leaning FZ-09 concept that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show; and we have also talked a bit about the Yamaha “Sports Ride” concept, a sport car that Yamaha was also showing off in Tokyo.

So hoping to leave no stone unturned, Yamaha has created something that takes from the highlights of both of those concepts – the Japanese call it the Yamaha OR2T, a four-wheel leaning motorcycle…thing.

The Yamaha OR2T is about as close to the Yamaha Tesseract, which debuted in 2007, that we have seen in the living flesh; and honestly, it looks pretty damn awesome.

We should preface, the aesthetics need some work, but the technical side of the Yamaha OR2T is very appealing. The ride would be like a motorcycle, complete with leaning action; but of course there would be the added stability of a four wheels.

We doubt the two-wheeled purists will accept this technical marvel, but we also bet that there are some non-riders out there who will think the OR2T is the bees knees.

Loyal A&R readers we already know that we are more than a little intrigued by the idea of leaning multi-wheelers, and the Japanese manufacturers seem to share that enthusiasm.

It’s only a matter of time before we see some non-scooter leaning three-wheelers and four-wheelers making their public debut. Mark our words.

Source: Yamaha