Yamaha MT-25 Debuting June 6th?

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Word from Indonesia is that the Yamaha MT-25 is about to officially break cover, and Yamaha Indonesia is already teasing the date. As the name implies, the Yamaha MT-25 is the naked version of the Yamaha YZF-R25 sport bike, and it should look a little something like this.

With a 250cc parallel-twin at its heart, the MT-25 will go head-to-head against the Honda CB300F and Suzuki GW250F, and provide a more upright alternative to the current crop of quarter-liter sport bikes.

It will be interesting to see if the MT-25 follows the path of the R25, with a 300cc model debuting as well, for the Western markets. Such a bike would likely be designated as the FZ-03 for the American market, and MT-03 abroad…if it ever came to fruition.

We will have to wait and see, after June 6th, to see if Yamaha Europe or Yamaha North America starts hinting at any new models.

Until then we have to admit, Yamaha Indonesia’s launch party for the MT-25 sounds pretty fun. They certainly know how to have a good time over there, and appeal to younger riders. Check out the promo video below, and see for yourself.

Source: Yamaha Indonesia

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