Yamaha MT-125 – Europe Gets Another MT

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Need a small-displacement naked bike for your urban commute? Yamaha has something for you then, as the tuning fork brand has announced the Yamaha MT-125 for the European market today. Based off the Yamaha YZF-R125 platform, the MT-125 is essentially the R125 stripped of its fairings.

Featuring the same steel delta box frame, and 124.7cc single-cylinder thumper as the Yamaha R125, the big changes to make the MT-125 are the obvious ones, namely the “MT” styling that we have seen on the Yamaha MT-09 (that’s the Yamaha FZ-09 to us Americans) and the Yamaha MT-07.

While the chassis remains mostly the same (the steering head angle has been modified to 33.5º), Yamaha has changed the seat, fuel tank, handlebars, and footpegs to make a more upright riding position, which should be more ergonomic for commuting duties.

Featuring 41mm upside down forks, and a 292mm single-disc front rotor with a radially mounted caliper, Yamaha is certainly trying to make the MT-125 feel a bit more premium than its other small-displacement counterparts. However, limited suspension adjustability prevails, as it often does in this space.

Range should be stellar on this 14.8hp machine however, especially with its 3.04 gallon fuel tank. Tipping the scales at 304lbs (wet), the Yamaha MT-125 is pretty light as well. No word about availability in the USA at this time, though we would expect Yamaha USA to bring the MT-07 to the States before this pint-sized beauty.

No word on pricing yet either, though the Yamaha MT-125 will be available in European markets in July of this year, with red, grey, or blue color schemes to choose from.












Source: Yamaha