We have seen a lot of concepts use Yamaha’s new MT line as their starting point. That is probably because the MT-09 (that’s FZ-09 to us Americans) and the MT-07 are very affordable versatile machines.

With rumors abound that Yamaha will use the MT-09 as the basis for a Yamaha TDM revival, the creative juices are certainly flowing. Not one to let the MT-09 have all the fun, Oberdan Bezzi has inked an intriguing street tracker concept from the Yamaha MT-07.

It’s actually surprising how well the design works and looks the part. We imagine the parallel twin, with its “crossplane” pin configuration, might not be the standard fare when it comes to flat track machinery, but on the street that won’t matter nearly as much.

Similarly, it is intriguing to see how versatile the MT-09/MT-07 are in the imaginations of creative people. It should really only be a matter of time before we say that translate into real life bike builds.

Source: Obderan Bezzi (Blog)

  • Kevin White

    It’s decent. But creative? Even has the same paint scheme as an XR.

  • Starmag

    Nice, but almost anything would be better styling-wise for me than the factory styling. Fake scoops? Really? A shame too, because it seems like a great engine.

  • JoeD

    The Asians have always festooned their creations with useless appendages. Cultural DNA. Samurai uniforms with gaudy helmets? I agree, no useful purpose means useless. Anything other than orange as well.

  • Starmag

    Well, I wouldn’t go all collectivist, how about beefeaters or the Swiss guard? Yamaha of late seems to be marketing to entomologists and fake scoop lovers (10 yr olds). I don’t remember the 80’s V Max being praised for it’s styling which is where Yamaha’s scoop thing started. I’d rather have classic styling than new-for-the-sake-of-new ugly experiments. I understand everybody loves the “new thing”, but IMO they’re going down the wrong road.

  • Starmag

    Yamaha’s not the only one. Take the B-King (please!). It presaged the current power sporty roadster trend, the road tests all proclaimed it to be a great bike with huge power, great brakes and good handling even compared to supersports but no one bought one because of the reject-from-Pluto styling. Used value of these is going down as we speak, yet the manufactured-long-before-my-time Brough Superior SS100 or a Vincent Rapide command truly huge coin at auction and I don’t think many people would even today consider them ugly.

  • Mike

    “The Asians have always festooned their creations with useless appendages. Cultural DNA. Samurai uniforms with gaudy helmets? I agree, no useful purpose means useless. Anything other than orange as well.”

    You’re totally right! They just can’t seem to help themselves can they. I’ve always thought the CBR750, Z1, IT275, etc had WAY too many scoops. Like wise the Toyota 2000GT, Mazda Miata, Nissan Bluebird. And don’t get me started about that total PIG. the CRX. Why can’t they be more American/European. Think of all those sleek American designs. The 57 Chev Bel-air, ALL the muscle cars, the Pinto, the Crown Victoria, the RAM pickup. Not to mention all of those super sleek and completely functional HDs and Victorys. We can’t forget the practically tear dropped shaped triumphs, and BMWs basically need no engine they’re so slippery. Now if those Asians could just be more like us they’d have no trouble selling their bikes and other products, maybe you’ll eventually see more than one Asian product on our roads at the same time!

  • pooch

    haha. “Why can’t they be more american/european” ? And why can’t everything else conform to just the way I like things, too ?

    Cultural preferences you cannot say are ‘wrong’. Understanding your market is key here I agree. But a statement like ‘why can’t those asians be more like us’ is plain ‘neck.

  • Doug Miller

    I will probably pinch my nose and purchase an FZ-07 anyway but if they produced this bike (in any color) I would be extremely happy to lay down my check. Wonder what it would look like in yellow/black or blue/white.

  • Jimbo

    The Kawasaki ex650 parallel twin competes in Grand National flat
    track, so I’m not sure why this bike couldn’t compete.

  • hipsabad

    Horizontal lines are classic desiderata with motorcycle design, expressing calm while implying velocity. Rarely found these days; kudos to Bezzi

  • Agent55

    Needs 19-inch wheels to nail the look, otherwise cool tho.

  • Paul McM

    Yes, Yes, and Yes! But screw the MT-07 — build this with the MT-09. The MT-09 is the better powerplant by far. You really need to have ridden both to understand…

    Nice to see clean styling again, not the [insert foul word] insect pointy noise nonsense coming out of Japan these days (and even BMW).

    But before one gets carried away with either MT/FZ-09 or MTFZ-07, Yamaha has to fix the fueling. Really. It is truly awful in its current state.

    In sport or B mode the FZ-09 was so abrupt you could barely maintain constant speed on the highway. I’d say this bike has the most annoying fueling of any factory bike I’ve ever ridden, and I started riding in 1972 (that’s 42 years ago).

  • mxs

    You just proved Paul you have not ridden MT07, because the fuelling is spot on, hardly anyone can make it any better …. yes MT09 is not so good because of the ride by wire which MT07 is certainly not. They a day and night as far as fuelling …

  • Gary Conterno

    I would love to have one, very very cool…

  • MikeD

    I like it, I like it way better than the original product wich is saying a lot ’cause I never thought the thing was a looker to begin with (looked all disproportioned and wrong, front end heavy and what not).
    I think the FAKE Scoops are to blame A LOT for it.

    Sometimes this Bezzi guy creates some decent concepts (this one looks pretty realistic and doable).