Say Hello to Your New Pet Yamaha MOTOROiD

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Yamaha has a bevy of tech that it plans on displaying at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, and one of the more intriguing world premieres is the Yamaha MOTOROiD concept.

A futuristic take on the motorcycling condition, Yamaha’s MOTOROiD seems to be part motorcycle and part pet dog, with the two-wheeler able to recognize its owner and interact with them, like a living creature.

This is because the Japanese brand boasts that it will use artificial intelligence to bring people new experience of “Kando” – the Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

The concept is certainly an interesting take on how humans interact with their motorcycles, perhaps taking the notion that some motorcyclists perceive their motorcycle as having personality or character (usually when it decides not to function quite properly).

The rest of the machine appears to be electrically powered, with a unique chassis design (note the rethink on the telescoping forks, and the body-grabbing seat for the rider).

The Yamaha MOTOROiD is outside-of-the-box thinking from the Iwata brand, and it will be interesting to see the reaction to this concept – both here on Asphalt & Rubber, and also in Japan.

So, tell us your thoughts about the Yamaha MOTOROiD in the comments. Do you want your motorcycle to mimic being a sort of two-wheeled pet?

Source: Yamaha