Yamaha FZ8R “Fazer” Revealed with Leaked Photos

01/25/2010 @ 12:05 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Two months ago we revealed what the 2010 Yamaha FZ8 looked like from the headlight up. Yamaha is again teasing us with only a headshot, but this time it is the 2010 Yamaha FZ8R or “Fazer 8” as Yamaha seems to want to call it, the fully-faired FZ8, that is getting unwrapped. While the photo above is an official photo from Yamaha, Motociclisimo.it has what they believe are leaked photos of both the naked an faired bikes in their final form. Check those photos after the jump.

According to Motociclisimo, the FZ8R is expected to weight a little over 10lbs more than the naked version, tipping the scales at 485lbs. This makes both bikes extremely portly, and nearly 20lbs heavier than their 600cc counter-parts. If true, part of this weight could stem from the degree of similarity the FZ8 has with its bigger brother the FZ1.

In the leaked photos, the FZ8 range is shown to borrow heavily from the FZ1 in its chassis elements. The FZ8R motor is also rumored to be based off the 1000cc motor found in the FZ1 (which is borrowed from the R1). In its 800cc form, the powerplant is expected to make 120hp from its smaller bore motor, while keeping the FZ1’s stroke length, which should make for some impressive torque figures. The FZR8 is expected to have ABS as an option, which will be mated to slightly smaller brake discs.

It looks like Yamaha has updated it’s North American website, and lists FZ6R as 2010 model, indicating that the FZ8R will sit in-between the FZ6 and FZ1 in the model line-up. Time will tell if Motociclisimo.it got all the details right, but so far the new FZ8 looks good in both naked and faired form…but will it sell?

Source: Motociclisimo.it

  • Peter

    FZ8R Fazzer…?
    Shouldn´t it be FZ8 & Fazer…

  • Jemtec

    If the bike makes great low end torque, and R6 Hp #s and has a more upright seated position, for around $9000.00 US, it might sell pretty well.
    It would cost less than a R1 or an R6, but have benefits of both engines with only a slight increase in weight.
    The Idea here is to create a slightly less powerful R1, but have the R6 chassis with improved comfort ergonomics for in town riding.
    This might redefine sport tourer, because the bike will be for the majority of owners that dont want Superbike, high RPM riding, with reasonable fuel economy and a slot between a R1 and R6 in between riding dynamics but excelling in neither category.
    I guess in a way, a bike that is a good Jack of all trades kind of Super Sport Tourer.
    Great to look at, great to ride, and offers more practicality for a larger variety of riders.

  • Argie

    Did Yahmi look at BMW F800 and decide they needed one with their logo on it?