Yamaha FZ-07 Coming to Canada, Et Tu USA?

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Our friends to the north are reporting that the Yamaha MT-07, the two-cylinder compatriot to the Yamaha MT-09 triple, is headed to Canada. Canada Moto Guide is reporting that the now called Yamaha FZ-07 will be available in Canada come the spring time, and will sport a $7,299 MSRP (CAD).

Like the FZ-09, the FZ-07 is a real value motorcycle from Yamaha. 74hp and 50 lbs•ft of torque, the Yamaha FZ-07 features a 270-degree crank, on a 689cc parallel-twin lump, and tips the scales at 395 lbs wet weight, with 3.69 gallon fuel tank.

With our brothers and sisters up north getting the FZ-07, one has to seriously wonder now if the same will occur for the American market. With the FZ-09 debuting to an extremely positive press, one would think the move for Yamaha USA would be a no-brainer.

To add further credence to the argument, Yamaha Canada sports more naked standards in its model lineup than the US, which cater to a much smaller market. Whatever rationales were made for bring the FZ-07 to the Canada, should sure hold even more water for the USA/

With the Canadian FZ-09 retailing for $1,000 more than its US counterpart, an American-bound FZ-07 could be priced into the $6,000’s, which would make for a very attractive motorcycle for price-conscious riders. What’s not to like? Stay tuned on this one.

Source: Canada Moto Guide

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