Yamaha FZ-07 Coming to Canada, Et Tu USA?

03/18/2014 @ 10:02 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


Our friends to the north are reporting that the Yamaha MT-07, the two-cylinder compatriot to the Yamaha MT-09 triple, is headed to Canada. Canada Moto Guide is reporting that the now called Yamaha FZ-07 will be available in Canada come the spring time, and will sport a $7,299 MSRP (CAD).

Like the FZ-09, the FZ-07 is a real value motorcycle from Yamaha. 74hp and 50 lbs•ft of torque, the Yamaha FZ-07 features a 270-degree crank, on a 689cc parallel-twin lump, and tips the scales at 395 lbs wet weight, with 3.69 gallon fuel tank.

With our brothers and sisters up north getting the FZ-07, one has to seriously wonder now if the same will occur for the American market. With the FZ-09 debuting to an extremely positive press, one would think the move for Yamaha USA would be a no-brainer.

To add further credence to the argument, Yamaha Canada sports more naked standards in its model lineup than the US, which cater to a much smaller market. Whatever rationales were made for bring the FZ-07 to the Canada, should sure hold even more water for the USA/

With the Canadian FZ-09 retailing for $1,000 more than its US counterpart, an American-bound FZ-07 could be priced into the $6,000’s, which would make for a very attractive motorcycle for price-conscious riders. What’s not to like? Stay tuned on this one.

Source: Canada Moto Guide

  • Canada has always been a fertile test market. WIth a total population roughly equivalent to California, and a motorcycle culture that will push riding into the fringes of winter, a machine that sells well here is often used as an indication of what it can do in the US. The most recent example of this was the Honda CBR125/250.

    With reciprocal agreements between the US DOT and Transport Canada on most facets of road vehilce homologation, it is a low cost test ballon for a major OEM to play up here with little risk.

  • So Michael, you’re saying Canada is the canary for the American market? I’m strangely comfortable with that.

  • Jason

    Looks great, but just like the FZ09 the lack of ABS would scratch it for me.

  • KSW

    Nice insightful post Michael.

    I think the problem is that we can all see what we don’t get very easily here on the InterWeb and for those that travel abroad see it in person. Then the usual Why Not Us rants and threads too which I as well scream out why.
    Personally the 1300 standard bikes in europe I ride when there have long been on my list along with the Honda CrossTourer I shot in England two years ago.

    Personally, I think this is the better platform for a smaller than FHR tourer not the 900 but I’d use it for a small Tenre. Why? Because like me many adventure riders put there motorcycle on a hitch carrier at the back of a class B+/C motorhome sans trailer.

  • meatspin

    they can keep it. We already have the FZ09.

  • Kurt

    Or, we could just use and love the already proven BMW F800. I’d love to see a comparison between all the midsize nakeds. Maybe something that doesn’t put such a heavy focus on “performance” numbers… How hard would it be for a publication to arrange a “public opinion” kind of day with all the bikes lined up? Put the bikes in the hands of a bunch of enthusiasts… take them on a “escorted” style ride… and take their feedback at the end. Isn’t that really what we’re looking for when we read the reviews? Am I the only one who’s tired of seeing the same writers with their “canned” riding style, and biased views… steering our industry? I’m sure plenty will dislike my comments… but, I can’t be the only one thinking these things…

  • Kurt,

    Public opinion has been clear for years: performance figures, performance looks and even (perhaps especially?) the mere perception of “performance” is the biggest seller in the motorcycling. Trust me, I would love to see at least *some* part of transportation design show some ingenuity beyond “fast”, but the jury is in. The public want fat tires, pretend aerodynamic aids and as many muscular air intakes as you can mould on. Thats why even modest vehicles like a Suzuki Bandit, Toyota Corolla and your local city bus all look like angry appliances with gratuitous speed flourishes. The motoring press is merely reviewing to reflect market trend.

    To your point, the BMW F800 started life as a reasonable real world motorcycle. But the results of that hypothetical public opinion peice you suggest is already visible in motorcycle sales. The F800 is not high up in the middleweight hit parade.

  • Dustin

    I find it interesting that some of the publication photos show the bike with Bridgestone BT-023 tires and others show it with Michelin Pilot Road 3s. I wonder what the OEM tire will be

  • Paul McM

    Please. Just evolve and perfect the triple. I’ve ridden the FZ09. I was astonished by how wonderful the engine was — except for the off-throttle cut-out and other issues. Fix those first! The suspension also needs some work. I would like to see this triple put into a light-weight sport tourer with better ergos, a “aerosonically” correct windscreen, and a LOT more fuel capacity. The motor is good enough that it deserves a more versatile bike build around it.

  • Mike


    “Or, we could just use and love the already proven BMW F800”

    They don’t sell the F800R in the US anymore, AND even when they did it was almost twice the price of what the FZ07 will cost. They’re really not in the same league at all. At the probable price point and options it’s competition would be the 650 twins such as the Ninja 650, the er6n, anything with the Suzuki 650 twin,or even the 4 cyl CB650F. I think that segment is a little too Yamaha crowded with the current FZ09, but it’s the amazing bang for the buck that the FZ09 offers that is out of step with the competition, the FZ07 is much more aligned with what’s already out there.

  • K13Mike

    It is good to see Yamaha adding to their parts bin with some new designs. This bike will serve as a good platform for further offerings, like the FZ-09 obviously will too.

    Might not be my cup of tea, however there is a whole new generation of young urban entry level riders that will get off on a bike like this. Cheap, light, narrow, stylish, Yamaha reliable with 50 ft-lbs of torque out of a 270 deg twin will be very easy to manage around town if they get the fueling right.

    Less risk in Canada, fewer dealers to support, larger profit margins, more receptive market.

  • Sentinel

    ABS at least as an option or I’m simply not interested.

  • Its a higher version of Yamaha FZ ??
    i like Yamaha MT-09 more than this FZ-07 in comparison of looks…
    MT-09 front fairing was awesome man….
    thanks for this sharing this great stuff..

  • GoBig

    I like the O7 way better than the 09. No worrying about ride mode. No “abrupt” throttle by wire. Just old school motorcycle. Some earlier post complained about lack of ABS. It is an option in Europe on the MT-07, so I’m not sure why that wouldn’t carry over.

    This bike is a lot more practical than the FZ-09 in many ways. When I hear people complain about the top speed limiter on the “09” I have to wonder why. Do you really need to exceed 132 mph?

    And best of all, the insurance is a lot less. Come on Yamaha, bring it south of the border. Or in my case west of the border to Alaska. I’m ready to throw my money down now!