Yamaha Trademarks “FJ-09” for the US Market

03/03/2014 @ 3:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


In the digital age, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have become a good resource for sleuthing out upcoming machines from motorcycle manufacturers.

The publicly accessible online databases have outed Ducati’s plans to build a “frameless” motorcycle (later known to be a patent for the Panigale), tipped-off the coming of the water-cooled engines to Harley-Davidson, and even hinted at Honda doing something with the Africa Twin name.

Trademark registrations have tipped off bikes like the Ducati Diavel, Ducati Scrambler, and Yamaha YZF-R3; and for today, it seems another motorcycle has been outed by the government agency: the Yamaha FJ-09. Registered with the USPTO, the FJ-09 is likely to be a three-cylinder sport-tourer, if the tuning fork brand keeps to its naming conventions.

Historically, the FJ line has been touring-focused, with the FJR13000 currently towing the sport-touring line here in the United States. It makes sense then that Yamaha could introduce a smaller displacement model for consumers, and it makes even more sense for Yamaha to use the FZ-09 platform to do so.

Yamaha has made no secret about its desire to use three-cylinder engines in upcoming models, and with the FZ-09 (MT-09 for our international readers) being a hit, and relatively cheap to produce, Yamaha has seemingly decided to double-down on its investment.

The timing is appropriate, as A&R just recently published several concept sketches by Oberdan Bezzi, which used the FZ-09 as the basis for a three-cylinder adventure-tourer.

It shouldn’t take much for Yamaha to make the transformation on the FZ-09, a full fairing, some bags, and poof…an affordable, comfortable, and powerful middleweight tourer. Sign us up for one.

Source: USPTO via Motorcycle.com

  • Don’t forget the center stand, and a 200+ mile range!

  • Deeds

    Ahh, yes. My long awaited next motorcycle. Good to see my presumptions confirmed.

  • paulus

    Meanwhile, in England… Triumph are in full panic and considering the future

  • teanau

    triumph had a good innings making triples while everyone was of chasing superbike horsepower, providing they were investing modestly in R&D each year they ought to have a suitable answer up their sleeve this year or next.

  • Vinod

    It would be good if Yamaha brings MT-09 and this tourer to India. We don’t have proper tourer in India. FJR 1300 is an expensive one and this FJ-09 will be a moderately priced one which will suit India.

  • Norm G.


    assuming they keep the “tallish” ride height of the MT…? and give it the range closer to that of the 13…? Normstradamus predicts a sales hit for Yamaha. so good, they could almost cease production of the both Tenere and the big FJ and nobody would miss them.


    Triumph asleep at the wheel.

    I’ve been waiting for a Tiger 800 motor stuffed into a Daytona frame and blessed with longer range and all day ergos.

    Hope the FJ is comfortable!


  • Slble

    Is it asking too much of Yamaha to finally make ABS – and maybe even traction control – available in more than like two (big, ugly, expensive) bikes here in the US?? Please?

  • Scott W

    It will have to be better than the new Ninja 1000 ABS, and it could be. Either way, a true, do-it-all middleweight sport-tourer (NOT an adv bike) is what my next bike IS going to be. Wishing Yamaha the best with the development, but don’t take too long.

  • Jim L

    The biggest question is when will it arrive in the US?