Yamaha 07GEN, Because You Need a Steampunk Tricycle

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Let’s just say that Yamaha’s concepts are a bit…ambitious. Take the Yamaha 07GEN concept, for example – a three-wheeler from the Tokyo Motor Show that we seemingly overlooked.

What a colleague called like a “tribute to Miyazaki“, this oddly styled electric three-wheeled motorcycle for urban travel is a interesting mix of new-world technology with old-world aesthetics. It might even be too hippy for the hippest of hipsters…maybe.

Yamaha simply states the following about the 07GEN concept:

The 07GEN brings modern classical design through stylish forms and high quality finishes. Encouraging a more active and confident lifestyle, the user will grow with the vehicle through every experience.

Taking the journey slowly, bringing a sense of excitement to every destination. Authenticity at the heart of mobility, 07GEN is a comfortable, elegant three wheel electric commuter that supports seniors with a variety of lifestyles.

Before you start thinking that the Yamaha 07GEN is just fantasy, remember that Yamaha’s “GEN” concepts have a funny way of becoming production machines.

Take the 01GEN, which looks a lot like the recently released Yamaha Niken, or the 03GEN which is very similar to the Yamaha Tricity scooter.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the 07GEN concept, and whether we’ll see anything in production form from it in a few years’ time.

Source: Yamaha