Wunderlich Curarê – The Gulf Oil BMW S1000RR

10/19/2010 @ 10:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Named after the poison used by Brazilian Indians to tip their arrow with for hunting, the Wunderlich Curarê is the German tuning house’s take on the BMW S1000RR. Clad in the blue and orange colors of Gulf Oil Racing and plenty of carbon fiber and titanium, the Wunderlich Curarê is mix of something new with something old, and celebrates 25 years of the company’s business. Making only modest performance enhancements to the S1000RR, Wundrlich has instead focused its efforts on improving the bikes ergonomics and aesthetics (they left the winking headlight in though). Photos and more after the jump.

Replacing the BMW’s clip-on handlebars, Wunderlich added a single raised flat-bar handlebar, which allows the rider to remain seated more upright, but also places the arms farther out, giving a rider better leverage over the steering column. The vinyl seat has been replaced with a non-slip ultrasuede, which Wunderlich says helps the rider stay connected to the bike, but we just think it looks better than the standard neglected seat aesthetic.

Wunderlich has also added a Leo Vince exhaust with a “performance box” (we assume this means a Power Commander), which helps boost the S1000RR’s performance figures, and the double-bubble windscreen helps one tuck-in when traveling at ludicrous speed. You might find fault in the choice of paint schemes, as the Gulf Racing look is beginning to get played out a bit too much to our liking. Still with the bone crushing power that BMW S1000RR has become known for, its a bike we wouldn’t mind in our garage.

Source: BikeEXIF

  • 76

    holy hell who is on that bike, Micheal Jordan?… dude looks huge

  • Isaac

    Sorry but motard bars don’t strike me as sporty on a sportbike.

  • Mike J

    “Sorry but motard bars don’t strike me as sporty on a sportbike.”

    Maybe you should try them..? I did. Its a riot. I’ll never go back..!

  • joe

    The racing stripe goes tribal on the tank? No thank you.

  • Sean

    Motard bars probably make for a more enjoyable ride, no doubt, but it just doesn’t look right. The carbon is great, I like it all except the tank like Joe says, and the two tone wheels are a bit much. Overall, cooler than my bike though…:(

  • Keith

    Not bad…besides if you are riding the motorcycle wgaf what it looks like as long as it handles well stops on a dime and gives you a $100rebate on the dime. But if it isn’t comfortable for a tank of fuel at a time it’s crap. That looks comfortable for 2 tank fulls maybe 3. 8^) Only posoures spend more time looking at their motorcycle than riding it.

  • Ape Factory

    Yep, it’s still ugly and overrated.

  • patron

    i like it. tribal tank should have been just a staight line imo tho. and as far as the bars go, clip ons are better for sport riding, period. streetfighter set up is way more comfortable for sure, but if youre buying this bike and you like to tour, i would guess another bike more suited for touring prob isnt a stretch. personaly, i like motard bars….on my motard. if you want a bike thats a riot, buy a motard.

  • MrBlistershifter

    Yet another copy-cat of the famous Gulf sponsored Ford GT40 LeMans racer. It doesnt work for me.
    What the hell is BMW doing with their headlights ?? Looks weird, just like their cars.

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