Vyrus 986 M2 Street Bike Now Priced at €38,000

04/07/2017 @ 4:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

It is apparently more difficult to sell a kidney than I had previously thought (type o- / non-smoker / non-drinker…if you happen to be in the market), which isn’t good news when you are trying to get together some scratch for a Vyrus 986 M2 – the hottest supersport we have ever seen.

Making matters worse is that Vyrus got in touch with A&R, updating us with their latest pricing structure for their Honda-powered hub-center steering masterpiece, which now comes with a price tag of €37,940 for the street bike, and €27,930 for the street bike kit.

That is quite the change from the originally quoted €25,000 street bike model and €16,000 kit, and there is good reason for that, say the folks at Vyrus.

The crux of the issue is that Vyrus envisioned the street bike and its corresponding kit to comprise a significantly lower-spec build kit – fiberglass fairings instead of carbon fiber, cheaper brakes and suspension, etc. That bike never happened though.

Instead, the street bike that Vyrus announced last month is a lot closer to the Moto2 race bike that the Italian firm has been developing, and as such, it costs much more to build, and thus more to own (it is basically now the race bike, with lights, mirrors, and a license plate).

This is good news if you want a truly unique high-performing 600cc sport bike for the street, but bad news if you are on the organ-donor financing plan for one.

Source: Vyrus

  • Jeremy Bryner

    The Vyrus is one hell of a bike to see first hand. Check out the shots I got of one of the first in the US. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jbautography/albums/72157636450555443

  • n/a

    It’s a lot of money for the nicest ugly bike you’ll probably ever see.

  • madchilli

    “the hottest supersport we have ever seen.”… Are you sure about this??
    Expensive doesn’t mean good. It means “Likely to attract a banker with no riding skills”. Can you see the difference there?

  • Fivespeed 302

    Isn’t that also the case for any of these luxury brands? The Norton V4 RR and the Spitit GP come to mind.

  • VRBL

    Seeing one in person, I thought it was cool as sh*t, but fairly awkward looking all around. Super intriguing, but weirdly proportioned especially around the front light.

  • Tyler Hammond

    that tank seems to suggest non-beer belly riders only

  • fzrider

    Up to a point, the more it cost the better it is. (Anything) Of course you soon reach the point of diminishing returns…then you start getting what you want, cost be damned. Customers on a FZ budget are this bikes target. And please don’t diss bankers skills. Underneath that suit they’re folks like you.