Vyrus 986 M2 Street Bike Is Finally Ready

03/17/2017 @ 5:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler45 COMMENTS

Every time I hear about how the Japanese brands are abandoning the 600cc sport bike market, I have a little chuckle with myself. Honda et al will tell you that the issue is that motorcyclists don’t want to ride supersports anymore.

However, I am a firm believer that the real issue is that motorcyclists don’t want to ride the same old supersports that the OEMs keep cookie-cuttering out of their factories every year. In my mind, the Vyrus 986 M2 proves this point.

I can think of no other machine that has generated a bigger response on Asphalt & Rubber than this 600cc Italian exotic. The sweet irony too is that it’s powered by a Honda CBR600RR engine.

The motorcycle industry keeps trying to sell supersports, pitches them as watered-down superbikes, and then acts surprised when the bikes don’t sell.

Instead, they should take a note from, Vyrus, which has managed to create an inline-four 600cc speed machine that you want so bad, that you would sell a kidney from your middle-child for it.

Carbon fiber fairings, hub-center steering, edgy design…this bike screams unique and special…and no one cares that it’s not a 1,000cc 200hp monster. 

In other news, the street bike version of the Vyrus 986 M2 is finally available for order. You can order one completed, or in kit form.

As with all things from the Italian factory, each bike is built bespoke to its owner’s wishes, though last we heard the Vyrus 986 M2 was fetching a reasonable €25,000 price tag. Strike that, Vyrus just sent us an updated price list: €37,940 for the Vyrus 986 M2, and €27,930 for the street bike kit.

Vyrus 986 M2 Race Bike:

Source: Vyrus

  • Clint Keener

    My body is ready.

  • I hear these days that you barely even notice the dialysis machine.

  • Jeram Mallis

    Reasonable price indeed. Thats on par with the result 3D.

    I wonder if they’ll move to the triumph motor once moto 2 switches engines

  • Dan Wickersham

    First thing I’d do is put the right size engine in it. For $25k+ it’d better scare the bejesus out of me.

  • Justin Hainious

    It would be so much cooler with the triple!

  • Fivespeed 302

    Is that a scratch on the tail piece, just beneath the Fuchs logo?

  • madchilli

    Massively overpriced!

  • Mitchel Durnell

    The front end feel may in fact scare the bejesus out of you.

  • Stickshift

    Yep. That’s the racebike, not a new Vyrus…

  • Fivespeed 302

    I guess somebody was careless and scratched it getting on or off. You’d have to whack it pretty hard to scratch CF though. I’ve got CF parts on one of my bikes and it’s never gotten scratched, even in places where road debris gets thrown.

  • Fivespeed 302

    After looking at that tank, it appears that the first guy to go over the handlebars in a collision will probably lose his manhood. Wear a cup, that’s my advice.

  • Walter

    One of the things that OEMs understand, usually much better than journalists and fans of the sport, is the vast gulf between “high level of interest” and actually buying something that they can make a profit selling.

  • Superlight

    Very true. This looks like the prototype it is and is not the answer to a lack of Supersport sales.

  • Vaporware

  • pidgin

    I agree with honda’s reasoning, now they should act on it tho and make dual-sports.

  • Paul McM

    In 1993 (24 years ago) I had the chance to put 1000 miles on a new Yamaha GTS1000 with RADD swingarm front suspension and ABS. It was a great machine that I would rate better than any sport tourer I’ve ridden in the last two decades. I’m actually shocked to say that I’d rather own a new GTS1000 than anything currently sold by Yamaha, Honda, or BMW. The GTS1000 was that good — great motor, and the front suspension had some very real advantages. Downsides — the bike was pretty heavy and had a wide parking lot turning radius. It really is an indictment of the Motorcycling industry that 24 years have gone by and we have faster bikes, and lighter bikes, but overall, I’m not sure the sport-tourer segment has really improved much as all. We have retarded thinking, stupid styling, silly accessories, worse ergonomics, and no really significant advancements in illumination, fuel economy, ease of maintenance, or aerodynamics (in fact I’d say current Yamaha and Honda aeros are WORSE than in the 80s). Anyway, back to the Vyrus — I hope it succeeds. We need more new tech options like this. When you look at how much automobiles have advanced in the last 25 years… it’s really pathetic to see how little real progress has been made in the motorcycle market.


  • michael uhlarik

    100% agree with your sentiments, Paul. The GTS was the apogee of the Yamaha/GK duo, which coincided with the zenith of Japan’s industrial domination. It reached high in mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics, and conceptual limits. It was a great time to work there. Today’s machinery is vastly superior in most ways, but ultra-conservative conceptually. No one takes big risks anymore.

  • Finally (finally!), A Vyrus/Tesi with a simple, direct, steering linkage.

    Now, does it really need two drag links to control the rake/trail and braking forces?

  • proudAmerican702

    I guess I’m the only guy who finds this thing to be just as ugly as EBR’s last release.

    Sorry, over-the-top edgy styling just isn’t my thing.

  • ryu600RR

    your kidney too i hope

  • MikeD

    Money be damned. This is HOT. Even if it were Briggs & Stratton powered. And yes, it’s ugly, so ugly in fact that it’s magically beautiful (my kind of ugly).

  • MikeD

    That’s one weird motorcycle i wouldn’t mind owning if given to me.

  • MikeD

    I’m not loaded$ by any means but compared to what’s out there i think this is sanely priced and looks killer at the same time, if i had the $ and were looking only for a 600 i would gladly burn it on it.

  • MikeD


  • Joe

    Three cheers for anti-establishment thinking !
    This thing is a beauty ! Gorgeous craftsmanship !
    Did they ever field an entry in Moto2 with it ?
    If this is gonna don street garb it will surely be one of the most exclusive and desire able bikes on the road. As magnetic as any MV ( which, in my opinion, are the most

  • Joe

    Three cheers for anti-establishment thinking !

    This thing is a beauty ! Gorgeous craftsmanship !
    Did they ever field an entry in Moto2 with it ?
    If this is gonna don street garb it will surely be one of the most exclusive and desire able bikes on the road. As magnetic as any MV ( which, in my opinion, are the most beautiful modern motorcycles)

  • Eric

    Agreed, and if you’re committed to getting a serious sportbike, with multiple rider modes, there’s little reason to put up with the torque free riding experience of a 600 supersport.

  • darren636

    i respect the engineering
    but the bodywork is horrible.

    just a mish mash of folds and angles.

  • Shinfo

    I’m new to bikes with a front swingarm, so please excuse my ignorance; how does the front wheel turn?

  • Campisi

    I think my favourite part about this comment is that, despite the all-caps theatrics and the joyful vibrance of the act described in the acronym, it ends in a period.

  • Eric Meyer

    Cup won’t help. Say goodbye to most of your pelvic bones O_O

  • NortNad

    dang it, I want one

  • fzrider

    I was thinking that when applying the brakes hard and you slide forward into the tank, at least your man parts will have somewhere to go besides squeezing against the tank.

  • Jason
  • durandal1

    Here’s the thing, if you look at racing, you have to go to the absolute top tier MA, or even WSBK to find people that are able to extract the difference in performance between a 600 and liter bike. Look at AFM, where Joey Pascarella took the number 1 plate on a 600, and I tell you what, his competitors on liter bikes are no slouches. But if it’s simply straight line acceleration you want, you probably want a drag bike or maybe an electric.

  • durandal1

    I would be very nervous racing a bike with the steering linkage exposed like that, I can see a lovetap sending the bike off at 130mph towards a wall….

  • MikeD

    Gotta please the Grammar Gestapo around here.

  • Fivespeed 302

    True, until you’re levered over and your junk stays in that tank pocket. At least you’ll be able to find them after the crash. ;D

  • Dan Wickersham

    I’m not a racer nor do I care about the differences on track at the tip top level cause I’ll never be there. Except on a track while trying to improve race craft skills, 600s suck. That bike comes as a street bike too, 600s suck on the street. No I don’t want a drag bike, electric will be cool when the price comes down and the weight goes down and the range goes up.

  • I wonder who’s patent drawing that is. Bob Tait? I don’t think the Bimota-Vyrus has the steering pivot offset and behind the axle. Not sure what the 57a-b arms are, but the Bimota-Vyrus rake control arms have always been outside the main swingarm.

  • Those red track rods are not steering linkage. They’re rake control. The steering is hidden between the top of the upright and the bottom of the handlebar steering head.

  • Paul Bryant

    Have you met my sister? She’s “magical” and oddly enough single…..

  • Paul Bryant

    Dear Honda,

    This, not the NM4.

    Thank you.

  • durandal1

    Thanks for the info, that makes sense!

  • MikeD