Vyrus 986 M2 – Soon to Infect Moto2 & Showroom Floors

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You remember Vyrus right? The company that makes the Vyrus 987 C3 4V…the Bimota Tesi look-alike with a Ducati 1198 motor, hub-steering, and a supercharger? Not willing to rest on its laurels as having “the most powerful production motorcycle in the world” (211hp gets you that title), the small Italian boutique firm seems set to enter Moto2 racing with its new Vyrus 986 M2 race bike, whose preliminary concept photo has just leaked out of the Rimini factory.

Taking the idea of prototype racing to its fullest dimension with its hub-center steering design, perhaps the only thing more exciting than the prospect of seeing a few of these Vyrus 986 M2’s at 18 of motorcycling’s best venues, is the prospect that a road-based version of the machine could be siting in our garage later this year (assuming we could afford such things). Details after the jump.

Like all Moto2 class machines, the Vyrus 986 M2 is based around a Honda CBR600RR motor, but will be the only bike on the Moto2 grid to feature hub-steering. While Vyrus says the new 986 M2 will be an affordable option for Moto2 teams, the company also has plans to take the bike to the consumers (likely with some modification to get around the “prototype” requirement in Moto2), offering a road bike version available for purchase.

This news makes us especially excited for the uniquely styled 600cc machine, and with a March 2011 delivery date on the road version, we’re surprised Vyrus has been able to keep this project under wraps for this long.

Scheduled to debut at the Verona show on January 21, 2011, we’ll have more info on this dream machine in a couple of weeks.

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