VFR1200 Breaks Cover Ahead of Schedule

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It would appear we do not need to wait until Fall to see the new VFR in its final, or near final form. MCN lead this morning with an article showing what they reputed to be leaked photos of the 2010 VFR1200 from Honda.

We, like many others, we skeptical of this news, both in part because of the source, but also because the reputed final version so closely matched mock-ups of the new bike that we’ve seen for months now.

Our skeptism may be unfounded this time, as auto news site Left Lane News has simultaneously released spy shots of the VFR testing in the California desert that would appear to rain on MCN’s parade of having “the scoop of the year”.

According to HFL, MCN disclosed to them that photos seen today were actually black and white shots of the VFR “in the public domain”,  and that MCN then “just coloured in from the original black and white image.” Not exactly the most inspiring thing to hear, but the photos from Left Lane clearly show the same distinct lines as seen in the MCN photos.

MCN claims in their article that the new VFR will have a variable-cylinder V4 motor. When cruising and when absolute power isn’t needed, the bike will shut down the two rear-cylinders, similar to the technology we see now emerging in large displacement car and truck motors. This will effectively create a parallel twin, which should improve gas mileage when touring long distances.

We’re not quite sure what this means as far as how the power will be delivered in this mode, since the firing order of the motor has not been released. The power pulses could be very close together, or more staggered depending on how the VFR is cammed. Hopefully at the official unveiling we will learn more about this, and why Honda thought it necessary to bring the technology to the motorcycle sector.

What we find the most interesting is the concept photo we brought to you back at the beginning of May, that was done by Vanjey Designs, looks almost identical to the bike being presented today. Clearly someone at the French firm had a glimpse at the final product, albeit getting a few details wrong.

Source: Left Lane News, MCN, HFL