Vespa Elettrica – An Icon Goes Electric

11/08/2016 @ 11:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


When it comes to scooters, no name is better known than Vespa, as the iconic Italian brand is recognizable around the world, with 18 million scooters carrying the Vespa name in cities globally.

It is of note then that Vespa has jumped onto the electric bandwagon, and unveiled its first electric scooter this week at EICMA. As such, we get our first look today of the Vespa Elettrica, which will be for sale in the latter part of 2017.

Not quite ready for production at this time though, Vespa says that it will be working with leaders in the electric drivetrain business to develop the Elettrica, making the scooter shown at EICMA more of a concept than a finalized vehicle.

However, the Italian company promises that the Vespa Elettrica will continue to bring the attributes the brand is known best for – which in our mind hinges mostly on its classic Italian styling. To that goal, we say mission accomplished.


Source: Piaggio

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  • Nicko55

    That’s how you do electric: Don’t make it look radically different than the gas-powered model.

    p.s. f*** America

  • Campisi

    Lovely. Vespa didn’t release any performance specifications that I can find, but they’ve likely benchmarked the Primavera 50.

  • jake woods

    Right on.

    With struggling electric/hybrid sales in NA, I cant be imagine how well a honest looking “normal” electric vehicle would sell ( Take the Prius drivetrain and say put it into the Corolla/Rav4… dont change a thing)

  • Bruce Steever
  • Paul McM

    +1000. Now THIS is how electric should be done, at least for an urban, short-hop vehicle. Combine the ease of riding, parkability, and sensibility of the classic scooter with electric go juice. If the price is right you could sell this to everybody from High Schoolers to Grandmas. Make the recharging simple with a 110V outlet. If it has an honest 45 mph top speed, and 50-mile range that’s probably enough. Thumbs uP!

  • CamM

    Couldn’t agree more, we need a commuter solution more than a thorough bred race horse.

  • Old Boy

    @Nicko55:disqus Agreed, designing electric motorcycles that aren’t a radical departure from what the market is used to is smart. Despite being a sub-culture of sorts in the US, motorcyclists are fairly conservative when it comes to adopting new designs.

    I’m still pro-America though – Alta Motors is making kick ass bikes (and jobs) that follow the form and function of well-developed chassis architecture. From a distance you’d never know it was electric.

    I applaud the Piaggio Group for the effort. It’ll be interesting to see who they partner with for the EV powertrain.