What you see here is the TVS Akula 310, the Indian company’s 310cc sport bike that shares a platform with the BMW G310R.

The Akula 310 isn’t likely to be seen on city streets in the United States, or even in Europe for that matter, but it gives us a glimpse of what is to come from BMW Motorrad on the small-displacement front.

As you can see, the TVS Akula 310 is quite fetching, getting a strong response from motorcyclists since its debut in February of this year.

As such, TVS is moving up the timeline on the project, with the Akula 310 likely to go into production by the end of this year, as a 2017 model (supposedly renamed as the TVS Apache RTR 300).

This bodes well for BMW fans, who could see soon a 34hp sport bike like the Akula, adorned with the blue and white mark of BMW Motorrad, in their near future.

We know that BMW plans to use the 310cc single-cylinder street bike platform for a variety of machines, with a fully faired sport bike and a small ADV bike widely expected by industry insiders.

The question that needs to be asked though, is BMW (and by function TVS) late to the small-displacement game, where bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja 300, KTM 390 Duke, and soon the Honda CBR250RR push well past the 34hp figure being touted by BMW & TVS?

As fetching as the machine may be – and we do find it to be very attractive – the the sub-400cc segment is heating up internationally, and manufacturers are starting to take their gloves off.

Source: India Car News

  • Gary

    I must find a way to put this in my garage. Extra points for not have “BMW” stamped on its exterior. I don’t need the brand association or “membership” to be happy in life.

  • OldSmiley

    It’s not just good looking. It’s the best looking < 400 cc bike. And further, it's the only one that appears to be a real sportbike with a small engine rather than a pretender semi-upright bike with high clipons and just for show fairings.

    The fact I'm so incredulous as to this being a real bike mfg and not an untimely April 1 joke means they probably don't plan on bringing it to the states. Pity. It's probably going to be a lot of fun.

  • MrDefo

    If you are in the US, since this seems unlikely to come over here unless it is a BMW, might I suggest investing in some aftermarket fairings? You can paint them however you like, if blue and white isn’t your style.

  • Nicko55

    It’s in a completely different league aesthetically from the other sub-400’s. Just
    copy>paste this into the US market BMW, easy.

  • durandal1

    Oh dear god please let me race 350 Production with this bike.

  • Fidel Cash-Flow

    Gotta love Indian marketing speak… GILL VENTS FOR….. VENTING

    Hero ad campaigns are still the most hilarious:

  • coreyvwc

    Don’t forget this picture above is an actual racebike. The production model will not look this good, because laws.

  • coreyvwc

    Are you forgetting the KTM RC390?

  • Mitchel Durnell

    That exhaust has quite the Akrapovic ‘inspiration’.

  • BBQdog

    This bike has what KTM has missed with their RC 125/390 range.
    A high ‘want it’ factor. This looks like a race bike, the RC 390 doesn’t
    with its strange headlights and rubber rear seat.

  • darren636

    I’ll take a vfr400 or cbr400 anyday.

  • Mak Kah Heng

    Same here, these 400s are just spot on in terms of handling and horsepower that are just right for common people like me. But they are too expensive to be produced in current times nor they will be sold enough volumn in the era of hipster retro chic.

  • michael uhlarik

    Hardly too late for the enormous south Asian market, which dwarfs the US and European markets by several orders of magnitude. Hero will be the best seller in it’s segment in India, and punch heavy in Malasia, Philipines, Vietnam and Thailand.

  • tony

    i agree completely darren, but it’s really hard to find one. but lets keep looking anway! (whose got one for sale? ) (did you see the fzr400 on ebay? dude wants $7300 for it !?)

  • tony

    no way thats real! too much good stuff!

  • darren636

    Prices here in the u.k have skyrocketed.

    Me and my friends all had 400’s and 250’s and we all let them go.

  • MikeD

    Single cylinder engine…Unless we were talking crack wh0re skinny dirt bikes, then NO, you can keep it. One of the reason i’m not as fond as i would like to be of KTM’s RC390 and would rather rock a “scrap metal special” Ninja 300 or Yamaha R3.
    Good looking body (I see traces of Panigale and 2009+ GSXR1000.).
    Heavy looking wonky wheels (it looks ok-ish on the BMW G310R but not on this mini Gixxer.).
    2013 Daytona 675 wheels would look VEEERY proper on this application (JMO).
    Love the red trellis frame, exhaust can(probably not street legal), the alloy swing arm and sub frame.
    All in all looks like a very fun track day motorcycle.

  • Wayne Thomas

    This is why I don’t understand why companies don’t have more modular designs. SE Asia and India with their taxes could have a sub 500cc engine on a frame designed to carry 300cc-600cc.

    Just make the engines different sizes and the aftermarket can take care of bore-up kits. Just get into the market.

  • Nicko55

    Yamaha’s R6 and R1 would like to have a word with you…

  • TwoWheelLoo

    When it looks like that, it’s never too late…

  • That is a very funny TVC!

  • GregS

    Great looking bike with some good specs, except for the engine. Would have loved to have seen a 350cc twin putting out 40+hp instead of the underpowered thumper