The Auto Expo in India isn’t usually an event we would cover, but some interesting machines have turned up in New Delhi. The first one to grab our attention is the TVS Akula 310.

On its own right, the TVS Akula 310 is a sharp looking small-displacement machine, especially when its dripping in carbon fiber (Daddy like). Beneath the skin though, the Akula 310 is exactly the same as the BMW G310R sport bike, which is pretty interesting.

This is because TVS and BMW Motorrad collaborated to bring both models to market; and as such, the Akula 310 gives us an idea of where BMW could be headed next with its 300cc class offering.

We knew that when BMW unveiled the G310R that the small sport bike was just one of several machines to come from the platform. The naked street bike begged for a full-faired sport bike sibling, and the Akula represents that machine in the making.

This arrangement isn’t too far different than what we’ve seen brewing with KTM and Bajaj, another Germanic/Indian connection. With TVS the third-largest manufacturer in India, and one of the ten largest in the world, that’s a potent partner for BMW to have.

The only real detail we have on the TVS Akula 310 is that it will be just shy of 300 lbs at the curb. This makes the TVS Akula 310 is a lightweight proposition for Western buyers.

With both the Akula and the G310R not to arrive in dealerships until much later this year, BMW and TVS have plenty of time to finalize the technical package on their machines, which for right now remains “TBD” for both models.

Source: TVS

  • tanner cortes

    I’ll take one

  • The Blue Rider

    I retain extreme skepticism of anything made in India, but if my first bike had looked like that, I might not have sold it. I like it.

  • BBQdog

    Compared to the Duke 390 the G310R is a bit heavy. Indian bikes (I only had the KTM) are OK if you keep the price/quality ratio in mind. Design is sometimes very ugly as for example the new Hero HX250R. But also Honda still makes very ugly bikes after all those years. Maybe European and Asian taste aren’t the same.

  • BBQdog

    Addition: I might have calculated wrong but this little race bikes costs 2500 euro.

  • paulus

    It always amazes me at what the retail price, in Asia is… and disappoints at the gouged price in other markets. Even with considerations for import duty, excise tax, VAT/sales tax and local dealer margins… these end up WAY too high in Europe/US. Even in the Asian markets, where ‘free trade agreements’ and government incentives are there to promote lower cost sales… the local dealers seem to view them as ‘aspirational’ items and over price them. Shame.

  • MM

    Is that a Panigale tail on it?

  • Raju

    New R1 tail

  • Very well crafted lines. If the specs are just about right, this baby can become mine.

  • The tail is indeed very much akin to a Panigale.

  • Additionally, the entire carbon fibre bodywork is very remnant of the Honda CBR 250 RR Concept.

  • Ducati Kid


    Or is that HONDA copying BMW-TVS?

    Wager all the kids in ASIA will have one …

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I’m confused. This bike looks cool as hell, but the example shown is track only? No lights, mirrors, or turn signals? With an all carbon fiber body, even the slightest tip over would require an insurance claim or a second mortgage on your house because I doubt insurance would cover a racing accident. Another thing, with all the CF, it probably costs as much as a new Daytona 675R. But what do I know? Like I said, I’m confused.

  • TVS designers told OVERDRIVE (Indian motorcycle magazine) that 60 per cent of the concept would be present on the final motorcycle and that is very exciting.


  • I concur with you.

    A 300-400 cc sportsbike with these looks & (hopefully) great specs will be a god send for the masses.

  • Nicko55

    My goodness, I’d recommend they don’t change the shape one bit if/when a BMW branded version goes international. It’s got all the aesthetic perfection the KTM is lacking. A street version would easily top the 300cc class for desirability.

  • Mak Kah Heng

    Nowadays it’s a trend manufacturers show a “racing concept” (with carbon fiber skin, Ohlins, no lights and other racing goodies) as oppose to street concept (with lights and other stuff for legal street use), especially the said bike is a sportsbike.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Thanks! That article cleared up the confusion. Looks like the CF is all show and won’t hit the production line. That would have made it too expensive for the average owner and a nightmare for anyone who high sides it, or low sides it, or hell, who am I kidding, even a parking lot tip over. Beautiful bike regardless.

  • You’re strongly welcome.

    Indeed, a CF motorcycle would’ve been too prohibitively priced. I’m hoping that TVS don’t disappoint with the Tech specs.

    One year to go!

  • +1

  • BBQdog

    I never liked the front of the KTM RC 125/200/390 series. It is ugly, doesn’t look aerodynamic and is too far away from their Moto3 racers.